Brighten Up Your Work From Home Desk


Since the concept of work from home WFH has touched our lives, our office is where we use our laptops—giving us the silver lining to create our own office and putting a halt to all our complaints regarding our offices.

Everyone has a spot in a home that is your spot for having a morning tea or maybe where to sit and read. A spot from where you have been working all this long, is your work spot your guilty bed?

Your workspace is a place that should excite you, make you cheerful and allow you to get down to business. But often we see quite the opposite In fact, our work spot is messy and steering us everywhere but the office.

You are spending most of your day in the small section of your house, so why not modify it? No, this won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Nothing is a perfect spot

There is nothing like a perfect spot for you to work from your home. You make the area perfect by yourself. Choose a place which is comfortable and practical, probably a small desk or table.

Now you have to make it work for yourself, so you can try some shifting of places like giving yourself a view by placing your desk beside a window or placing your desk according to the room’s lights.

Touch of green

One of the best ways! Adding green to your space will constantly be giving you positive vibes and a sense of calmness. Small size plants will work fine for the desk, but you can always add a big one adjacent to your table.

Extra points of adding a plant make the space pretty too, with an economical and low maintenance option.

Pull up your artsy skills

However, boing your work is the addition of bright, strong, and prosperous wall arts to energize yourself—some hangings of your favourite quotes that will help you feel motivated.

Even a standby frame with an image of your goal can work. Experts say this also allows you to manifest your aim.

Cute Stationery

Coming to it, we know majorly we spend our day on the keyboards in a rush to meet deadlines. But stationery should be at arm’s length while you work.

Adding quirky pens, cute pencils, some pen stands and sticky notes yet being helpful can help decorate and bright up your workspace.

Put out loud

Being organized is getting complicated as time passes. Try writing your to-do list, prioritize your work accordingly, and paste it in front or just straight to your vision. It constantly keeps reminding you of tasks and enable you to manage your time effectively.

Ayushi Rana
Ayushi Rana
An English Literature graduate from Delhi University, aiming to join Indian Armed Forces. A reader, writer and learner who carries a profound curiosity in reaping to the roots of any going on around the realm. Not long back, she uncovers a retreat from her studies through writing. Interning as a social media manager and content writer lifts her time manageability. Her interests are as different as they could but simultaneously working for both brings in her well-balanced juggle too. She loves meeting new people but probably chooses paws over people. Ayushi is full of ideas and exploring shots to learn and thrive.



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