BSF fires shots as a suspected Pakistani drone is detected in Jammu’s Arnia sector.


In the early hours of Thursday, BSF in Jammu and Kashmir fired shots on a suspected Pakistani drone near the International Border (IB) in the Jammu area, driving it to retreat. A major search has been underway to find any weapons or explosives that may have been dropped.

A suspected Pakistani drone in Jammu's Arnia sector.
A suspected Pakistani drone in Jammu’s Arnia sector. Source: Hindustan Times


  • A flickering light, possibly from a drone, was seen in the Arnia region.
  • The suspected drone, which was roughly 300 metres in altitude,
  • A huge search was started in the region.

“A blinking light, presumed to be a drone, was seen in the Arnia region this morning about 4.15 a.m.” Alert BSF forces shot upon it, causing it to return… It was hovering roughly 300 metres in the air.”, the official BSF spokesperson added. 

The BSF soldiers have been alerted towards the initiatives by Pakistan and terror organisations throughout the border to transport guns, ammunition, and explosives by drones through the International Border in the Jammu location in order to arm terrorists.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police found three magnetic improvised explosive devices (IEDs) launched by a Pakistani drone last week in the Kanachak region in the suburbs of Jammu.

The drone’s cargo was knocked away, however, the drone was not taken down. The payload included three magnetic IEDs packaged within a tiffin box containing timers set to 3 hours, 8 hours, and so on. Through controlled detonation, the IED was disabled and dispersed. 

Seven sticky bombs and several under-barrel grenades (UBG) were discovered on the 29th of May, including a drone taken down by police in the Rajbagh region of Kathua district.

The BSF stated on Tuesday that it nabbed four people and confiscated over three kg of drugs launched by a Pakistani drone in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district. During a search, BSF soldiers discovered four packages that included suspected heroin and weighed 3.6 kg. According to an official, the accused, who is from Punjab, came to pick up the drugs dropped by a drone.

Earlier in May, the BSF struck a drone transporting heroin from Pakistan near Punjab’s Amritsar.

The BSF discovered nine sachets of heroin from the drone, foiling a cross-border smuggling attempt.

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