BTS member Jin on the premiere of the movie ‘Hunt’


Kim Seokjin is going to attend the premiere of the movie ‘Hunt’.

The most famous k-pop boy band group BTS has a global fan following. Currently, the members of the band are focusing on their individual projects. Because of k-pop and k-dramas people are now more interested to know about Korean culture and the entertainment industry as well. Recently Jin, one of the members of the k-pop boy band group BTS, is going to attend the movie premiere of ‘Hunt’.

BTS member Jin on the premiere of the movie 'Hunt'
Image source: Zoom TV

Jin confirmed the news on Reverse that he will appear in the premiere of the awaited thriller movie ‘Hunt’ starring Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung, and many more, the premiere is at 4:00 PM IST (Indian Standard Time).

After seeing this message on Reverse the fans of the BTS ARMY went crazy and were excited to see one of the members of the band Jin. Before this, Jin attended the premiere of ‘Emergency Declaration ‘ which starred Song  Kang Ho, I’m Si Wan, and many more. BTS ARMY got really excited after seeing Jin’s gestures during his appearance at the premiere and supporting the same.

At the premiere of the movie, ‘Hunt’ Jin chose simple yet classy clothes at the same time. Jin was wearing a black sweatshirt with a pair of pants. He was posing for the camera with some handwritten notes and the whole crowd went really crazy and excited. From the very beginning, Jin was interested in acting.

Jin before he became a member of BTS wanted to make his career in the field of acting. 

The appearance of Jin at the premiere makes the evening of the fans or BTS ARMY more special.

Watch the movie trailer now:

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