Child Development Tips for Working Parents


Parenting deeply impacts one’s psychology, and it gets very tricky when both parents are working.

When both the parents are working, it automatically reduces the amount of attention the child receives from the parents and can long-term affect the psychological and behavioural aspects of the child.

The decision of becoming a parent comes with a plethora of responsibilities. Parents might work hard to nurture the family, but they must make sure that their work does not get in the way of raising the kids. Parenting is losing its value and emotion in this competitive world.  

The problems of working parents

Working parents are often unable to devote quantity and quality time to their children. The long working hours make them badly exhausted at the end of the day.

Consequently, the time they need to spend with their children is spent relaxing or doing essential household chores.

When their children want them to play with them, they get irritated and vent their day’s anger and irritability on the children.

It has become convenient to engage in isolated activities to maintain peace at home. Excessive use of gadgets keeps everyone peacefully occupied.

The child learns to remain aloof in such an environment and finds it uneasy to interact and socialise. 

What can be done? 

Parenting is a natural process that needs coordination and understanding between both partners.

Working parents can consider the following tips to maintain the balance between parenting and work

Open communication with the partner 

Before planning to have a baby, both the partners need to think about all the variables associated with it.

The decision will have an impact on the work-life. During the initial years of child development, the parents need to take particular time out for their children.

One need to consider aspects like schooling, parents meet, vacations, school camps and projects.

These aspects can help the parents in monitoring the child and reducing the gap between the family.

Parents should coordinate everywhere, from taking leaves to attend to the child to dividing household chores. 

Time investment 

Not only just working parents but everyone must get some free time to spend with their family.

However, it becomes a compulsion for the working parents who have small children. The time spent with the family is never wasted.

Your child will bond with you on a different level if you get some free time from your schedule to see and enjoy their activities.  

Keep work away from home 

Make this a rigid guideline to keep your work away from your home. It is difficult, but managing your work during working hours is essential: this should be a rule for all professionals.

Bringing work home will interfere with the time you should spend with your children. Always give your child undivided attention, especially in the early growth years.

Your little unintentional ignorance may result in low self-esteem and confidence in your child for life.  

Always spend some funtime keeping the world aside 

Make a point to invest some quality energy with your child. Consider their opinions, too but do not go overboard.

Always try to spend weekends with the family. Visit places like a zoo, a museum or a planetarium.

Teach your child social ethics, the value of money and to make efforts for things. Any child craves for their parents than any expensive gifts.

Make sure to make dinner family time. Keep all the distractions like mobile phones, laptops, TVs away during dinner. Engage in conversations with your child.

Discuss your day with the child, whether good or bad. That way, they would learn valuable life lessons and get a glimpse of the outer world.  

 Parenting while working is undoubtedly a difficult thing to do. No one wants to compensate for their personal or professional life.

However, with a bit of planning, understanding and patience, you can set an excellent example for your kids as working and loving parents.

Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam aka AnkiTam, is an Educator, who learns by reading and expresses by writing. She has been an avid reader, writer, speaker, learner, and observer ever since. A science background could never stop her from grasping the nitty-gritties of fashion, technology, and trending news. She finds her solace in magazines and newspapers. Being an ambivert, she is blessed to be flexible in knowing when to talk and when to listen. She is an opinionated personality with an optimal level of compassion and empathy. She can be easily found entertaining people with her wordplays and also with her wry sense of humor. She is a pantomath, who wants to know everything.



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