Cinematic Parallels and Clinophilia


Previously, movie lovers use to go to the cinema hall for every film, buy tickets in black to watch them, collect movie posters and so on to express their interest in films. With changing times the ways of doing all sorts of things have changed and so has changed the way of expressing love for cinema.

The cinema lovers or how they love to associate themselves now as Cinephiles use social media for their expression of love towards the art form of storytelling on screens and films. They create fan-pages, pages dedicated to the best of quotes from different films and sometimes try to decode the technicalities of these films as well.

A new trend that is being followed by a lot of these cinephiles handles is that of figuring out Cinematic Parrales or similar kinds of scenes, props used or situations for expressing a similar kind of feeling. This can be both from films by different directors or in different films with same director.

Example for explanation:

Imtiaz Ali uses a lot of tricks in his films for creating a similar kind of emotion. One of his best tricks is the scene where the protagonist looks in the mirror when they are going through an existential crisis. This is present in a lot of his films namely Tamasha, When Harry Met Sejal, Rockstar, Jab We Met and a few others.

Another cinematic parallel is where one of the protagonists looks down from the balcony to see their love interest. This has been used by a lot of directors like in Laila Majnu by Imtiaz Ali, Fukrey by Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and other films


Cinephiles or Movie lovers have now found a new way to express their love for cinema and it seems to be both entertaining and informative.

Published BY – Supreeti Ghosh

Hridya Shrivastava
Hridya Shrivastava
A student of Journalism at SIMC who is interested in art, culture and literature. I am a fanatic of movies, series and books, basically, everything that is to do with imagination creativity and storytelling and trust me I can fit in a quote in any possible conversation. I read books, people and everything in between. Bored of writing usual bios, I write poetry instead which is available on my blog on Here for journalism, because the truth is etched on my mind, tongue, pen and now the keyboard as well. This bio is a little different from usual because That is what I am best at, adding creativity to everything (don’t worry, won’t do this with your news).


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