CJI Lalit resolves more than 1.8k cases in 4 days


The Supreme Court wrapped a total of 1,296 miscellaneous cases and 106 regular cases in 4 days under new CJI Lalit’s tenure. Along with this the court has also responded to more than 440 transfer petitions all this while.

The arrival of new CJI(Chief Justice of India) Uday Umesh Lalit has brough up of a whiplash in the Supreme Court. The new Chief Justice is all set to clear as many cases as possible in his tenure and seems like he is on a good start.

CJI Lalit resolves more than 1.8k cases in 4 days
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More than 1.8k cases in total were disposed in four days under the new CJI’s tenure as of now. The cases included 1,296 miscellaneous cases, 106 regular cases and 440 transfer cases making it a total of 1842 cases.

The information was itself shared by the CJI in a felicitation that was organised by the Bar Council of India.

“The total number of miscellaneous cases disposed of in the last four days was 1,296 and regular matter disposed of was 106. The court staff has informed me. This shows the court has been functioning at this pace. The court also disposed of 440 transfer petitions in the last four days,” the CJI informed at a felicitation.

Along with the statistics CJI Lalit also assured that the Supreme Court will try to be as quick with future cases as possible.”We are giving more and more emphasis to dispose of regular matters.” said the CJI Lalit.

Out of the 1,296 miscellaneous cases, 493 were wrapped up on August 29 itself. August 29th marks first working day after CJI Lalit. Other 315 cases disposed on Friday.

Quickly Know CJI Lalit

  • CJI Uday Umesh Lalit sworn in as 49th Chief Justice of India on August 27.
  • He was born on November 9, 1957, in Maharashtra.
  • Aged 64 now Justice Lalit will have a brief tenure of 74 days as CJI of India.
  • He is the son of criminal lawyer UR Lalit.

There are currently 70,310 pending cases including 51,839 admission matters and 18,471 regular hearing matters, in the Supreme Court, as of September 1st, 2022. Justice Lalit assured a quick approval of cases under his tenure.


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