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Delhi BJP leaders on Monday recorded their statements with the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) in reference to associate alleged scam within the construction of school rooms in Old Delhi government schools.

The leaders, as well as the BJP voice Harish Khurana, former Minister Kapil Mishra and Neelkant Bakshi, aforementioned that they additionally submitted “evidence” relating to the case to the ACB. Lieutenant-Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena had told the cabinet minister last month to file a report on the delay of quite two-and-a-half years by the Old Delhi government’s Vigilance Department in performing on a Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) report that highlighted “gross irregularities and procedural lapses” price crores within the construction of extra school rooms in government schools.

The value of constructing classrooms, in keeping with the report, was found to own escalated to ₹326.25 crore, which was 53% on top of the awarded quantity of tender, for the development of 4,027 classrooms against the 6,133 that were meant to be constructed.

“We submitted proof and filed our statements today; we have a tendency to are assured that the ACB and therefore the Lokayukta can penalize the guilty within the schoolroom scam,” Mr. Khurana said.

He added, “The issue was raised by United States of America 2 years past and that we got the criticism of corruption lodged with the CVC, the ACB and therefore the Lokayukta. The complaint with the Lokayukta has already been referred for a probe.” 

Responding to the BJP’s allegations, associate degree AAP representative said, “If constructing stunning school rooms for kids from low and middle financial gain families is corruption, then each government, every Minister during this country ought to commit such corruption.”

The spokesperson added, “The BJP needs Old Delhi’s faculties to be as dangerous as they’re in States ruled by them. they need children of Delhi to not sit on snug benches. we tend to won’t allow them to succeed. we tend to won’t compromise with the interests of the youngsters of Delhi.”






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