Congress leader’s self goal, the ‘Aukat’ statement again gave reason to PM Modi to attack congress


When all things are going well, there is always a leg-puller who does the real damage more than the enemies.

This time it happened in the Gujarat assembly elections in 2022.

Veteran Congress leader Madhusudan Mistri has made the mistake of making personal attacks on PM Modi. PM Modi said that the congress leaders are habitual of calling him ‘neech’, lower caste, etc., but he is not going to dwindle because of these remarks.

The statements made by congress leaders on PM Modi can prove fatal as the Gujarat assembly elections in 2022 are near. The BJP can use these types of personal demolishing attacks on PM Modi and can change the scenario of elections in one day. 

Congress leaders doing self damage घर का भेदी लंका ढाए 

The Gujarat assembly elections in 2022 are important for the BJP as the party has been governing the state for the last 27 years. Now, when the Bharat Jodo Yatra of congress leader Rahul Gandhi is proving to be a changing scenario for the congress leadership, congress leaders are doing self-damage by attacking PM Modi personally.

These attacks on PM Modi will give the BJP reason to divert people’s attention from the main issues which are lifted by the congress and AAP party. The Gujarat assembly elections 2022 are likely to be an entrance exam for the BJP, as if the party wins these elections then it has the point to prove that the people of Gujarat have their faith in PM Modi even if he is not the CM of the state. 

Congress Leader
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Congress leaders Digging old wounds of 2017 

In the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017, when congress was having a good lead over the BJP and it was seen that congress can depose the BJP from Gujarat, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyer called PM Modi ‘neech’ and in no time PM Modi and other BJP leaders took the congress by surprise and with this one world, the BJP changed the whole scene of the Gujarat assembly elections 2017.

PM Modi then said that “congress leaders have no dignity and they are attacking my caste because I belong to a lower caste and community, they are attacking me, people of congress who belong to higher communities do not want me to win”. This time in the Gujarat assembly elections 2022, PM Modi is using the same phrase, and the Gujarati people are really offended as PM Modi belongs to the state. 

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Attacking PM Modi in their home state can wreck congress’s winning aspirations 

PM Modi and home minister Amit Shah have ruled Gujarat state for many years and they know all the political tactics that can influence votes in the poll-bound state. Congress leaders have now made a huge mistake as BJP leaders along with PM Modi are not going to let this ‘aukat’ statement go in vain.

PM Modi belongs to Gujarat and is also from the Teli community which has always been a suppressed caste. The Gujarati people have a lot of faith in PM Modi though half of them may not vote for him, but the whole Gujarat state sympathizes with him.

Personal attacks on PM Modi will only give the BJP to distract people from the Morbi bridge mishap and other relevant issues like unemployment, healthcare, and rising inflation. Yesterday some AAP leaders also gave controversial statements relating to the Hindu religion and PM Modi. 

image source: the Indian Express

PM Modi’s marathon rallies to win Gujarat 

PM Modi and home minister Amit Shah both are doing marathon rallies in the state to win the Gujarat assembly elections in 2022. The congress party which in the last Gujarat assembly elections in 2017 faced a close defeat by the BJP has a good connection with the people of Gujarat, and also the Aam Aadmi Party is going along with the congress to oust the BJP government.

But the BJP knows all the ways to sideline all the major points of the Congress and the AAP and puts people’s eyes on PM Modi and works one by him in his regime as Gujarat CM. PM Modi is going all around the Gujarat state and he is ensuring that BJP returns to power in the state.  If BJP loses this state, it would be very problematic for the BJP in the general elections in 2024. 



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