Criminal Cases Filed Against 71 Persons For Posting Provocative Social Media Posts


The Tripura Police Department announced five cases filed against 71 people for allegedly provocative and false social media posts.

In Gist:

On Wednesday, the Tripura Police registered five criminal cases against 71 people they claim made provocative social media posts. They asked people not to spread false information. “Administration to take strict action against those who are attempting to instil hatred in society,” the police said on their Facebook page.

“Tripura Police appeals to all not to engage in the posting of fictitious images or rumor mongering.” The police have also asked that people refrain from sharing or liking posts that are not verified. “Police reiterated that the state’s law and order situation is completely normal”. 

Fake news contributing to social tension:

According to The Indian Express, tensions in Tripura have been high since the vandalization of the mosque and several shops in the Panisagar sub-division during a Vishwa Hindu Parishad rally on October 26. They were protesting against the attacks on Hindus in our neighbouring country Bangladesh.

Previously, the Jamiat Ulama (Hind) ‘s’s’s’s state unit claimed that mosques and multiple Muslim -dominated localities faced attacks. Following that, the Tripura Police stated that they provided security to over 150 mosques throughout the state. 

On October 28, the Tripura Police claimed that the state’s law and order situation was “absolutely normal.” The police had also claimed that no mosque had been burned. 

Cases have been filed against those who spread fake news and communally sensitive rumours. Legal actions are to be taken against such claims. 

Sources that claim social unrest prevailing in Tripura:

More than a dozen hate crimes against Muslims were reported by Maktoob, including mosque vandalism, attacks on Muslim homes, shops, and hawkers, molesting Muslim women, and anti-Muslim and genocidal slogans during rallies.

This week, a group of Supreme Court lawyers who went on a fact-finding mission to Tripura issued a report stating “targeted violence against Muslims” in the state last week.  

They went to the Chamtila masjid in the Panisagar region and discovered that it had been vandalized. Tripura police have repeatedly stated that the Chamtila mosque was not damaged and that the reports were fabricated. “The Tripura police claims are false,” said the fact-finding team. 

Lawyers said the latest violence was a “result of the administration’s irresponsibility and “extremist organizations.” According to Lawyers for Democracy, the attacks on Muslims could have been avoided if the police and administration had taken stricter measures. 

What do the Tripura police say?

According to a senior Tripura police officer, the cases were filed for allegedly spreading rumours on social media about recent anti-Muslim incidents in Tripura. According to the preliminary investigation, fake pictures and videos were reportedly posted on social media to tarnish the government’s image and the state police. 

Lawyers said the latest violence was a “result of the administration’s irresponsibility and “extremist organizations.” According to Lawyers “For Democracy, the attacks on Muslims could have been avoided if the police and administration had taken stricter measures”. 

According to senior cops, the posts were intended to disrupt the state’s peace and communal harmony. “Five criminal cases have been filed against 71 people who posted provocative social media, strict action will be taken against those who attempt to instill hatred in society,” says the statement issued by police. The investigation is in process, and the situation is being monitored continuously.  


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