Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahesiya 2022 web series: A Must Watch?


Dahan is a supernatural thriller-horror web series released in 2022.  

Dahan is India’s one of the very few supernatural- horror-thriller which was directed by Vikranth Pawar.

Dahan Synopsis


Dahan is a hot star thriller horror web series that was released in September 2022 directed by Vikranth Pawar and written by Nisarg Mehta, Shiva Bajpai, and Nikhil Nair.

The story revolves around an IAS officer named Avani Raut played by Tisca Chopra and a village in Rajasthan called Shilaspura which was cursed by sorcerer Radhikiyan who was beheaded there.

People of Shilaspura still seem to believe that Radhikiyan is still imprisoned there and that if he is to be ever disturbed, he will wreak havoc on the village and villagers too. IAS Officer Avani moves to the village in Rajasthan to look for a change after her husband’s death and corruption charges pressed against her.

She moves here along with her son Anay played by Rohan Joshi, who despises the village and blames his mother for his father’s death. The main purpose of Avani coming to this village was to launch a project to exploit the mines, but she fails to receive the villagers’ support.

The village head or Pradhan played by Saurabh Shukla, believes that the mines conceal a bloodthirsty demon. Her only ally is the mine’s general manager played by Jamini Pathak. Meanwhile, Avani is being interrogated by inspector Bhairon played by Mukesh Tiwari, and the village’s local goon played by Siddharth Bhardwaj.

Mukesh Tiwari Dahan

The story is about how she tackles the paranormal activities in the village when she opens the mines and what is the truth behind these spooky incidents.     

Dahan: Raakan Ka Rahesiya Reviews and Ratings

Saurabh Shukhla


Dahan is a unique concept not many in Bollywood would dare to try and yet Vikranth Pawar did. After most recent would be Asur and Bhool Bhulaiyaa2 and Chori there aren’t many good or many thriller-horror supernatural shows. It’s not a web series you would want to miss if you are a thriller-horror lover.

It has a nice storyline and quite good roles played by actors, especially Mukesh Tiwari, Saurabh, and Tisca. It also has quite a few twists and turns which makes it interesting to watch and as one of the few shows of its genre, it’s worth a watch. here are some Reviews: –

IMBD ratings: – 7.4/10

AsianaTimes rating:- 8/10

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