Death of models; Do mysteries point the finger?

Death of models; Do mysteries point the finger?
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Hotel owner Roy Vayalatt handed over to the police the DVR containing the crucial scenes of the hotel where the DJ party was held in Kochi, Kerala, on the death of the models.  When Roy was called in for questioning, he was present with the DVR, and the ACP said a DVR was also available. 


The DJ party was held at Roy’s hotel before the accident in which three people, including former  Miss Kerala, was killed.  Roy summoned for questioning on charges of vandalizing CCTV footage here.  

Roy arrived at the Ernakulam South police station at 10.30 am, and assistant Commissioner Nizamuddin led the interrogation.  One of the two DVRs in which the hotel staff testified that Roy had destroyed and handed over to the police. 


Roy has not yet appeared for questioning.  He was then summoned the previous day with a legal notice.  Police said the charge sheet in the case should submit soon. Earlier, reported that a dispute broke out at the hotel after the DJ party, and they fled the scene.  The police will check whether the DVR received contains any footage related to this. 


Roy was issued a police notice asking him to appear for questioning.  But he was not present.  Roy appeared at the ACP’s office yesterday after being warned he would arrest.  Roy presented footage of the DJ party to the police.  After examining the footage, police said they found nothing suspicious. 


The hotel owner was summoned for questioning concerning the deaths of former Miss Kerala winners Ansi Kabir and Anjana Shajan.  Roy appeared for the examination at 10.30 was yesterday, and Assistant Commissioner Nizamuddin questioned him. 


On November 1, a car carrying 2019 Miss Kerala winner Ansi Kabir and runner-up Anjana Shajan met with an accident on the National Highway bypass.  There were four people in the car, and both the girls died on the spot.  Her friend Mohammad Aashiq also died the previous day. 

Two vehicles, including an Audi car, were reported following their vehicle until it crashed into a tree.  According to the newspaper report, the Ernakulam resident in a vehicle was questioned, but he hid many things.  

According to the report, the hotel owner also arrived at the accident scene, but the police could not confirm the incident by questioning the man with high connections. 


According to media reports, Shaiju, who was driving the Audi, said that he was racing under the influence of alcohol after the party, which caused the accident.  The Audi car, racing on the road from the hotel, overtook the Figo car twice, and the girl’s car passed once.  When we left Fort Kochi and reached Edappally, the Figo car vanished. 

 When he returned, he found that the accident had taken place.  According to the report, he called the police at 100 and gave his statement.  Police say the department only has cases for speeding, but there is no CCTV footage on the road as evidence. 


Abdul Rahman, who was driving the car involved in the accident, was questioned, but no further information received, and he told police that an Audi car was following them and that the accident was caused by its stress.  He is currently on remand. 


Hotel staff searched the hotel twice to collect CCTV footage of the DJ party. But found no significant footage; the media had reported that the police had found that the hotel staff had removed the hard disk containing the footage from the DJ party hall on the instructions of the hotel owner.

They raised the allegation is that they fled the scene after a dispute at the hotel where the DJ party held and that the accident took place in the meantime.  In this case, finding the actual CCTV footage of the hotel is considered crucial in the investigation. 


Police have received WhatsApp messages from a CCTV technician asking them to remove the hard disk.  The hotel owner questioned to find out the mystery behind the destruction of the hard disk containing the CCTV footage by the hoteliers after the accident. 

There are allegations that the police are colluding in the case.  Hotel No. 18 is only 50 meters from Fort Kochi station.  The raid came only nine days after the incident. 

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