A decisive plan by India to take hold of industries from China


A project launched by PM Gati Shakthi, worth $1.2 trillion (100-lakh crore rupees). This project is considered as a plan to take hold of industries from China.

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China is known for its various big manufacturing industries. Years ago, investors were interested in investing more in China. But now the trend has changed.

Global companies are looking for prospective countries to make their investments in. In order to make use of the situation, India has a plan to establish a digital portal to ease the sanctions from the government.

In this way, the investors will benefit from the quick approval of their projects at the budgeted cost.

The main aim of the plan   

“The main objective is to make global companies choose India as their centre for manufacturing,”

says Amrit Lal Meena, Special Secretary of Logistics in the Ministry of Trade.

As a developing nation, it is necessary for India to attract more global manufacturing companies. And this is the prime aim of the plan.

By way of adopting this plan, India will take hold of industries that are looking to diversify their supply. As a matter of fact, India is the best place for global companies to invest in.

It is not because of the policies but the fact that India is the 3rd largest economy in Asia that provides labour at a minimum wage. Along with that, it eases the communication efforts as India has wide spread use of the English language.

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Gati Shakthi project-a plan to ensure the flow of logistics supply

The flow of logistics supply plays a crucial role in a country’s economic development. Thus, the Gati Shakthi project will focus on the smooth flow of goods.

As of now, the web portal has overlooked 40% of the registered projects. And this lack of covering other projects is because of issues like land tenure, environmental impacts etc.

A decisive plan by India to take hold of industries from China
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According to Invest India, the government agency, the Gati Shakthi project will drive projects to enhance the infrastructure of the country as a result of increasing the competitive index of the nation.

Some of the features of Gati Shakthi include inspecting roads that are laid up to prevent them from digging up any telecom or cable lines. Technology will be used to oversee these issues.

For a developed nation, it is essential to upgrade the logistical supplies, infrastructure, reduce the cost of labor, etc.

In order to achieve the status of a developed nation, the Indian government has launched this “Gati Shakthi “plan to establish a well-connected network of logistics and infrastructure. 

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