Delhi Court Declares ‘No One is Above the Law’ After Singer Didn’t Show Up: Honey Singh Domestic Violence Case.


“No one is exempt from the law. I’m surprised at how carelessly this matter is being treated “Tania Singh, the metropolitan magistrate stated.

Singh applied for medical reasons to be excused from appearing in court. Meanwhile, Shalini Talwar, his wife, came to court physically.

The judge voiced his annoyance by telling Singh’s counsel, “Honey Singh hasn’t shown here yet. You haven’t filed his income declaration and aren’t ready to present your case.”

Singh was given one last chance to appear in court by the metropolitan magistrate, who implored him not to repeat his actions.

Shalini Talwar filed a domestic abuse case against her singer-actor husband under the Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, seeking Rs 20 crore in damages.

Singh’s lawyer, Ishan Mukherjee, submitted a response to her complaint, telling the court that she has already taken all of her assets, including jewellery, and can return to her in-laws’ home in Noida in 15 days.

“We will make every effort to accommodate her. We’ll construct a barrier. It is possible to deliver it to her in 15 days, “Mukherjee added that Singh owns two homes valued at roughly Rs 4 crores, one of which belongs to Shalini Talwar and costs Rs 1 crore.

On January 23, 2011, Hirdesh Singh, also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Talwar married. Talwar detailed how Singh had physically assaulted her over the previous ten years in her plea.

Honey Singh allegedly cheated on her, according to her. The 38-year-old woman said that her husband and his family had subjected her to multiple incidences of physical, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse.

Honey Singh and his family allegedly destroyed Talwar’s mind and heart to the point where she began to see herself as a “farm animal,” according to Talwar.

On his social media account, the musician issued an official statement, calling the charges “severely repulsive.”

He stated that he had suffered numerous harsh comments throughout his more than 15-year career, but that now is the time for him to break the quiet and address “defamatory claims.”

“The false and nasty claims levelled against my family and me by any companion/wife of 20 years, Mrs Shalini Talwar, has profoundly hurt and upset me.

The shares are really heinous. Despite receiving harsh criticism for my lyrics, speculation about my health, and unfavourable media coverage in general, I have never issued a public statement or press release.

However, I see no need to keep my mouth shut this time because some of the claims have been levelled at my family, specifically my parents and younger sister, who have stuck with me through some very challenging times and are a part of my world.

The charges are cynical and defamatory, according to the statement.

Kanaka Yeldutti
Kanaka Yeldutti
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