Delhi: teacher stabs his wife, in front of tween daughter


Now days not a single day passes without hearing or reading about such dire cases. A teacher in Delhi stabbed his wife, in front of his 9 year old daughter over the marital discord. No doubt anger robs a person out of his wits, and for a reason bible lightens it as a deadly sin either for the creature or the victim. Check this article for more details. 

Angry teacher stabs wife over argument

A school teacher in Delhi has been arrested for stabbing his wife in front of their 9-year-old tween daughter over marital discord. This incident took place in Navada, southwest Delhi – on Saturday first October twenty twenty-two. 

Delhi: teacher stabs his wife, in front of tween daughter.
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Police received an PCR call from the neighbours and it mentioned that there is an violent argument. 

The police did reach the scene and found the mother injured and lying on the floor with no consciousness. Her father did flee the crime scene after attacking the mother. 

An FIR under the section of domestic violence and assault and murder has been registered and jotted by the officials. After thorough search in an around Dwarka, the accused, Sanjay Pandita, was arrested from Dwarka Mor area on Saturday. 

Delhi: teacher stabs his wife, in front of tween daughter
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Now the 9 yr old daughter is living with her relatives. 

The little girl confirmed that it was a marital fight that later turned out to be a heated argument. Following this, the father attacked the mother with a knife. 

Delhi: teacher stabs his wife, in front of tween daughter.
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Hundred and one percent anger is considered a deadly biblical sin. The reason is that it robs a person, out of his wits. The action taken in anger is always proven as futile and remorseful. 

The daughter not only lost her mother but her father as well. The upbringing won’t be that easy and fun. Society won’t treat her normally even though there is no fault of hers. 

Let’s hope for good and wish well to the family. May things clear and they lead a healthy life. Especially the gullible and innocent daughter, who doesn’t have any choice in this. 

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