Disguised brands of Swiss!


The frigid and ingenious Swiss eco-fashion signatures are revamping the enterprise in so many extraordinary means. Wastes are recycled to renovate them into beautiful commodities.

They strive to build a string of merchandise that is credible and endurable enough as possible so that they can formulate career openings locally and in evolving countries.

Leaving apart all the stuff, one aspect is authentic for all of them, that is, they are all exceptionally fashionable!

We found out so many incredible eco-fashion brands in Switzerland that they are relatively considerable as described with the size of the country.  We may have heeded some of them already without acknowledging the main thing that they were Swiss.

Not to worry, as this list consists of some unnoticed gems that are not as prominent globally yet as they should be.

So here are the top endurable brands of Swiss we need to know about whether we are the inhabitants of Switzerland or not!

Avani Apparel

A youthful brand with timeless, feminine behaviour having relatively elevated criteria for sustainability and principles. In Sanskrit, Avani means Earth.

A valid name for this group as it struggles hard to be as eco-friendly as possible. The origin of their materials is from Europe.

Linen, hemp, and Tencel® are raw, organic, plant-based textures used as raw materials. Being extensively eco-friendly clothes, anyone can purchase them.

The brand utilizes low-impact fibre reactive dyes that are surplus to the ecosystem as correlated to conventional procedures. They do not comprise enormous metals and toxic commodities.

Avani also compels to draw attention even to the tiniest details: buttons. Instead of zippers in their attires, they use buttons created using natural European wood.


Although it is perhaps extensively known as a Swiss sustainable fashion signature, they are remarkably outstanding in Switzerland. Wandering down the streets, we will find one out of every ten people having a Freitag bag.

The justification behind them being extraordinary is, they are composed of tried truck tarpaulins, inner tubes of bicycles, and the seat belts of cars.

Being prepared from 100% upcycled elements, every bag is extraordinary! In 1993, Markus and Daniel Freitag introduced the initial piece. Then it was accelerated by the kaleidoscopic traffic of Zurich.

Since then, the active, water-repellent courier bag has taken the upper hand worldwide. Today, Freitag has 24 marts and more than 400 resellers worldwide.

Since 2014, Freitag has evolved as a recent, entirely compostable substance called FABRIC.

It is elicited in Europe cultivating linen, hemp, and modal in several percentages and weaves for unique fabrics. A circular frugality is one of the essential significances of the brand: ‘We think and act in cycles’


Disguised brands of Swiss!

It is a Swiss-based online marketplace for stagnant and spiritual custom. All swap beautifully curated sufferable categories from all around the globe in one territory.

To be recognized by a vaster audience, it furnishes an outlet for artisans to put up an auction in their interest.

But they also expect to assist clients in finding out new, upcoming sluggish traditional denominations on their carefully curated website.

The online store of Urban kissed stays complete with fashionable suit fixtures, glamorous merchandise, and homeware with a Mediterranean vibe.

It is a win-win situation for both the craftsperson who expect to supply their articles and stimulate their credible anthologies and the tolerable fashionistas who are constantly on the chase for trendy garb that has an optimistic consequence on the realm.


Disguised brands of Swiss!

A high fashion brand is producing exceptionally stylish attires. It has enormous integrity and sustainability norms. Sanaz Wasser and Kai Wasser established the brand in 2015.

They strive to illustrate style & personality in a knowledgeable means. They establish timeless formats that unite the formal principles and quality. They use Swiss perfectionism at every phase of the procedure.

Sanikai alleges to utilize extensively endurable equipment. Their prevailing assortment comprises chunks regenerated from nylon, Lycra®, reclaimed plastic bottles, organic cotton, organic linen, and leftover denim.

The strings are provided with the rush to convert plastic bottles or organic cotton and adopt coconut shells, corozo, or wood-based buttons.

Jungle Folk

Disguised brands of Swiss!

It equals the perfectionism of the Swiss. They manufacture apparel that is timeless, high-quality, and also sufferable. They do not attend fads by inaugurating recent compilations throughout the year.

But are about to propose fashionable chef-d’oeuvre that are susceptible to melting that is eligible for numerous circumstances.

In 2013, Swiss designer Pauline Treis established the brand by drawing inspiration from the Columbian regional craftsmen.

The mission of Jungle Folks’: “create social change through business, not aid.”

Apart from enhancing the skills of the craftsmen, there is also an increase in their income. The group works with each of them in workshops to intensify their relations with the artisans.

The personal rapport between the company and the workers creates a vast opportunity for the workers. It allows them to provide input in the growth of the compilations.

In turn, it comes out to be profitable for both the brand and the workers.

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