Divya Agarwal wins the Bigg Boss OTT.


Bigg Boss OTT champ: Divya Agarwal lifts the prize and brings home prize cash of Rs 25 lakhs 

The first of its sort, Bigg Boss OTT 2021 Grand Finale, finished on Saturday with the success of Divya Agarwal.

Nishant Bhat and Shamita Shetty arose as first and second participants individually. Divya brings the home monetary reward of Rs 25 lakh and the Bigg Boss prize.

The top finalists will likewise be a piece of Salman Khan-facilitated Bigg Boss 15 that starts in October. 

The Karan Johar-hosted reality show ran 24×7 LIVE on Voot, had its finalists in Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal, Nishant Bhat, Pratik Sehajpal and Raqesh Bapat.

After 14 successful seasons, this was the first time the hit reality show experimented with its format and medium.

The six-week series wrapped up on September 18, and like every year, this season of reality show too hit the headlines for its fights, controversies, and contestants. 

The reality show celebrities who walked into the Bigg Boss OTT house alone, without any contact, spent an incredible 6-week journey.

After a week at home, Divya connected to Zeshan Khan. However, it is not her fate to establish a connection with her throughout the game.

After her contact with Zeeshan was expelled, she stood alone again because she had a physical conflict with Pratik Sehajpal.

Although she seems unlucky to build relationships, Divya tries hard to make friends and date her colleagues.

Divya Agarwal survived in the house of BB OTT from the first day without any contact. He fought all the battles alone and finally became the winner of the season, and she raised the trophy and took home a cash prize of 2.5 million rupees. 

Inside Insights 

Divya and Shamita Shetty have a bittersweet relationship. Although they became good friends initially, their friendship did not last long, and the differences did not seem to disappear. Gradually, when the show came to a close, she managed to keep her enthusiasm for her. 

Fairly early into the show, Divya said they would all clap when she becomes the during a war of words with fellow contestants Neha Bhasin and Shamita Shetty on one episode of Sunday Ka Vaar winner.

Her confidence had shocked host Karan Johar and came across as arrogance to many. But Divya always insisted that she knew how the game was played and was not afraid to take on a fight alone.

She has even had heated exchanges with host Karan Johar during weekend episodes. 

Divya Agarwal also used her antics to keep the audience indoors. As a reality show professional, she made sure she got the attention.

Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal also made their voices, but Raqesh Bapat-despite his great fame-was finally ranked last before the final.

He was also the first to be expelled in the final, and Sehajpal decided to win a cash prize and promised to appear in Bigg Boss 15.

Her relationship with Pratik, Raqesh, Nishant and others also experienced some ups and downs throughout the trip. Divya disputes with the candidate. She also faced the anger of the host Karan Johar many times. 

We all saw the exciting side of Karan Johar in his chat show. But this is the first time the filmmaker has hosted a controversial reality show.

His lively online users and soothing conversations with the top 5 finalists are well worth seeing. As the first host of the controversial reality show, he did a great job.

When hosting the show, people also saw him pulling the legs of the former contestants and the top 5 finalists. Karan hosted the night of the BB OTT finals and let the entertainment continue. 



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