Doctor G: Ayushman Khurrana’s next blockbuster movie, the trailer is out.


Doctor G: Ayushman Khurrana's next blockbuster movie, trailer is out.
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Bollywood’s sweetheart, Ayushman Khurrana is back with a bang on Doctor G, the upcoming Bollywood movie that talks about men in the gynecology department.

The movie is full of talented people such as Rakul Preet and the fans’ favorite Shefali Sheh.

As the cast speaks a lot, we can be sure to witness the peak of acting performances and if we talk about Ayushman Khurrana, he is always known for taking up and working on the best scripts possible.

The trailer shows us the introduction of the movie by portraying Ayushman’s character who wanted to go for orthodox, but due to circumstances goes on to become a gynecologist. 

The trailer shows glimpses of the difficulties of being a part of the very few gynecologists who are males.

It shows how he is the only male in a department or a college full of females. And from that, we can guess or assume that his character is going to face a series of shame and bullying.

And we can only hope that the characters go through a positive arc throughout the film. Will he develop his persona from the trauma or will it beg him to think just like everyone else? Let’s find out.

Doctor G: The beauty of Ayushman’s script selection.

Ayushman has had a history of taking up only the best scripts and those movies have so much to offer to the audience and gives them space to think about different things and issues that were expressed in his movies.

Some of his previous movies such as those are ‘Article 15’ which talks about casteism, ‘Badhaai ho’ which talks about the pregnancy of an aged woman in her 50s or 60s, and course stories from the heartland such as ‘Bareilly ki barfi’ and ‘Dum Laga Ke Taisha’s. 

He is very selective about his scripts yet provides the audience with so much to think about. Not to mention, his impeccable acting performances which he has delivered in every movie. 

And talking about Rakul Preet Singh, she has proved her meticulous acting in her movies such as ‘Aiyaary’ and ‘Runway 34’.

Also, it is pertinent to mention Shefali Shah who we don’t even have to introduce because the world knows her as DCP IPS Vartika Chaturvedo through Netflix’s crime series, ‘Delhi crime’.

We can expect a promising output from the team of Doctor G without a doubt. Read too 



Nanda J. Devan
Nanda J. Devan
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