Does ‘Monetary differences’ make Krushna Abhishek leave TKSS ?


The Kapil Sharma Show is loved and watched by everyone. Now again, the show is returning to television and the news came up as a beautiful surprise for the fans. However, this year there will be some changes in the show, as Krushna Abhishek will not be seen in upcoming episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show. SHOCKING, isn’t it?

His character Sapna earned him a lot of appreciation and love, which makes the audience wonder why is he leaving the show. Although Krushna recently said that he opted out due to contractual issues.

A source associated with the show says, “The makers and Krushna tried their best to work things out. One of the major concerns was the fee. Eventually, monetary differences prompted him to leave TKSS.

However, we hope that the differences get resolved in the course of time and Krushna Abhishek returns to the show. We are not ruling out the possibility yet.”

Does Monetary differences make Krushna Abhishek leave TKSS
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Meanwhile, there are rumors that there has been a fallout between Krushna and Kapil Sharma prompting the former to call it quits. “Not at all”, says the source, he also added, “Kapil isn’t the producer of the show, so, the rumor that they had a fallout is baseless. Besides, Krushna hasn’t quit the show over creative differences.”

It’s purely about the money. Kapil and Krushna Abhishek have immense love and respect for each other. The two along with Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar will be flying to Australia soon for a show. They will perform in Sydney and Melbourne in the first week of September.

TKSS fans hope that he will return as the show will be incomplete without Sapna.






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