DU wants colleges to counsel students on the ‘Importance of Human life’


We’re all human,  Every human life is worth the same and worth saving.

The generous part of a good human’s life is their little nameless, unencumbered acts of kindness and love.

DU students died by suicide
HUMAN LIFE is the extensively valuable God’s gift to everyone whether it is human, bird, animal, or plant. But human life is also more meaningful than others. It encompasses prosperity and extensive purposes in itself. It is not merely about breathing. If humans do only breathe, eat and reproduce then there will be no difference between humans and other living entities.

Days after a student of Zakir Husain Delhi College died by suicide, the Delhi University’s proctor Rajni Abbi instructed college and hostel officials to counsel students on “the importance of human life”.

An advisory lecture to deans, heads of departments, directors, principals, provost, and wardens in the university acknowledged that there is a “recent trend” of students “taking away their lives” because of an incapability to deal with pressure and instructed to counsel their students from time to time and clarify to the bachelors about the importance of human life and its significance.

There are also occurrences reported where Proctor’s Office has received warnings from several students to devote suicide on minor subjects.

The proctor also inquired them to comprise related counseling sessions in the orientation programs which will be administered for the new batch of students once they assemble the university.

The Delhi University asks college heads to counsel students in the glare of upcoming suicide cases of students. It is important for giving them mental health relief. Promoting the necessity to appreciate the value of human life from time to time counseling is advisable for universities. Essential estimates should be seized into deliberation to outline the number of such cases to a massive extent.

A few days ago, a student of Zakir Hussain College allegedly died by suicide. The 20-year-old woman was a second-year BA Honours (Political Science) student, they meant. In a suicide statement recovered from one of her bags, she asserted that she did not criticize anyone for her drastic phase, the officer let out.

Academic discomfort and student suicides have please a heightening question in the country, and multiple statements have referred to that in the year 2020 deserted, more students have died by suicide than agriculturists. Since the year 2017, death by suicide among students has increased by 32.15 percent, and the year 2021 saw about 13,089 student suicide litigations as per the National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB).

In recent times, Universities across the country reported multiple student suicides, implying that not various measures have been approved to undertake this concern on the ground level. The most recent one that pushed the Universities into seizing action was the suicide case of a student from Delhi University who fell to her end from the Zakir Husain college building.

Mental Health to be vigorously recognized across campus purposes

Coming after the death recorded from Delhi University (DU), DU Proctor Rajni Abbi mailed an advisory inquiring the University to deal with the need for mental health understanding within the campus. Approving the same, the Zakhir Husain College principal said, “We conserve overseeing circumstances associated with mental health awareness, but that will not be enough”.

The proctor acknowledged that several students were incapable to take academic pressure and decided to end their lives. Abbi directed the heads, directors, principals, provosts, wardens, and other stakeholders to begin a conversation with the students on the importance of human life and its integrity.

Human life
Human Life

An announcement by the Telegraph also declared the campus would be looking to authorize professionals and permanent counselors who can be addressed by the students regarding mental health concerns which include our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

It involves how we think, feel, and act. It likewise boosts determines how we rectify stress, relate to others, and make preferences. Mental health is significant in every phase of life, from childhood and innocence through maturity.

Discussing suicide prevention, Abbi said that the proctor’s department had frequently received suicide warnings from students over insignificant issues.

The new conclusion to initiate mental health counseling has been received by multiple, and it has also alleviated light on the different helplines around the corner.

Ways to strengthen positive mental health counseling-

Giving professional support if they require it

Engaging with others

Staying positive

Getting physically involved

Encouraging others

Getting reasonable sleep

Formulating managing skills

According to Aristotle, there was only one real “good” in the universe: A being that convinces its purpose of life.  He acknowledged everything should live precisely as it was meant to. For humans, this means existing rational and to blossom in being so. Aristotle thought that all living aspects could be evaluated by the kind of soul they had. At the crown of the hierarchy is the intellect, or rational soul, which is uniquely human.

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Christian Aristotelean philosopher, acquired these principles into a traditional “natural law” — where improper acts were those which opposed our God-given, but rationally intuited, purpose. We should value humanity because we pursue to conserve reality itself.

Aristotle concluded that we should value human life, due to our intrinsic ability for purpose.

The lunette of one of the side doors depicting St. Thomas Aquinas, a detail
of the façade of the Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy


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