“E-sports will become more epic” with this line of advertisement starts, star sports and Nodwin Gaming given a platform to gamers to come in T.V as India didn’t have big platform for e-sports due to less awareness among parents and society but Nodwin Gaming steps forward to broadcast first ever LAN event of game name BGMI ( battleground Mobile India) on Television.

E-sports is now taking a new heights after first ever LAN master series taken place on T.V for the first time in india.
Cricket, football, basketball, badminton is major outdoor and indoor game that is being popular among youngster and people that’s broadcasted on T.V, a broadcasting platforms looks after them for good viewership.

Nodwin Gaming and star sports had another plan they came together to broadcast E-sports
After watching growing popularity among youngsters.

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Nodwin Gaming who came together with stars ports is big gaming platform for E-SPORTS.
You can follow them on Instagram username NODWINGAMING.

Let’s get know how this big event took place where big youtubers like jonathan, scout is part of it, generally 24 big teams invited by broadcasters
Where they are divided among 3 groups i.e A,B,C.
Big event of 22 days is decided, where 3 days all 24 teams play together and top 16 teams play weekly finals.

All the points are counted and at last team which took highest point will get big price of 3,00,00,000.2

24 teams taking place are-:

● GODLIKE E-sports
● S8ul E-sports
● Engima gaming
● Team forever E-sports

●TSM E-sports
● Team X-spark
● Team Orange rock
● Team XO
● Global ESports
● R ESports
● 7sea e-sports
● Hydra official
● Hyderabad hydras
● Chemin Esports
● Blind Esports
● Team 8bit
● Skylightz gaming
● Team insane ESports
● Revenant ESports
● Team orangutan
● Nigma galaxy
● Rivalry ESports
● Marcos gaming
● Blind ESports

Players and teams to watch out for in this master series-:

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Godlike ESports player godljonathan is currently best player in bgmi community of india is trying hard to become MVP of tournament and GODLIKE E-sports to become winner of tournament.

S8ul E-sports-: is most consistent team and winners of previous tournament even presented India in world level, Their new lineup of 4 men squad is makin everyone fear with their performance. One of their player i.e soulgoblin is challenging Jonathan in race of MVP.

Team X-spark-: currently involved in big controversy with Godlike ESports as Godlike ESports buyout their 2 players by giving them more salary and 2 players named gill and viru claimed X-spark to pressurized them and supress their talent but they again come with 2 new player and their core player i.e mavi and scout big names in Indian gaming community are eager to make comeback.
Team solo mid (TSM) ESports is facing big dip in their performance in the tournament as their IGL ( in game leader) gone with Godlike ESports and now he is a IGL of Godlike ESports. TSM is international organisation that is most aggressive team in all 24 teams their core player to watch out for is tsm ninjajod

Team rivalries to watch out

1)Godlike ESports vs S8ul ESports-:
The most awaited rivalry as two teams with most fan following is gonna clash in this tournament.
Their history is also full of controversy as in one of the tournament when S8ul needs 16 points to qualify for the semifinals but Godlike ESports who is already qualified comes in drop of s8ul ESports i.e picado ( a place in map Miramar in BGMI) with s8ul and eliminated them,

This is not the end they even taken this rivalry to outside game where one of the player of Godlike ESports named neyoo placed a story on Instagram pointing towards s8ul ESports “welcome to picado” and a song behind it “No competition”

Later on another tournament Godlike ESports wants points to qualify for finals but s8ul who is already qualified tried to eliminate Godlike by landing on their drop georgepool ( a place in map erangle) and later placed a story on Instagram pointing Godlike ESports ” welcome to picado” and song ” No competition”

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2) Godlike ESports vs team X-spark-:
After buying out their 2 of the players godlike ESports taken this controversy to next level where they came with a promo where former X-spark player taking out jersey of X-spark and throw it in dustbin and wore Godlike ESports jersey later,

He blamed X-spark player scout and mavi to suppress his talent.
Scout came live on YouTube and re blamed his former players with some proof and abused them.

3)TSM ESports vs Godlike ESports-:
After their IGL joined godlike ESports, TSM ESports claimed that they illegally buyed a player and manipulated and they said to take this matter to court, godlike ESports denied all their claims and said to they ready for case in court later this matter is temporary closed as TSM former iglnamed shadow is playing this event as igl of Godlike ESports.

You can watch live on Star sports 2
Timing-: 7pm to 11pm


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