Economic pressure in Britain due to climate change


“Climate change” terrorizes ecosystem with temperature rises, sudden earthquakes, floods, increased fire threats and shortage of water.

Scientists predict that whenever the temperature goes of less than 1.8 to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 1 to 3 degrees Celsius above 1990 levels, it produces an increase in global which further will have several beneficial impacts in some of the regions and harmful in some.

Therefore annual costs will gradually increase over time along with the global temperature. Also, there’s a heavy chance of a “catastrophic effect” of climate change.  

 Above all, the worst challenge requires decreasing carbon emissions and being prepared for heatwaves, wildfires, storms, rising seas, shifting crop patterns, the spread of disease – and all of the ways those impacts will affect populations around the world. 

U.K.’s Royal Meteorological Society published, Climate 2020 report on the last week of July, with the authors say that last year was England’s third-warmest year since records began in 1884. U.K. Met Office says that the countries soon will experience wet winters and dry summer, which will affect lots of things altogether, causing “more frequent weather effects”. 

Agricultural effects  

In 2020, Farmers used 71% of land for significant farming in the U.K., 0.5% of the country’s gross domestic product, and all the British jobs got 1.4% sources from industries industry.

Economic pressure in Britain due to climate change
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Professor of Ecosystem Martin Lukac at the University of Reading informed CNBC that British farmers were already sensing some effects of more frequent extreme weather events, explicitly flooding and drylands.

Also, according to Professor Martin, some government policies aimed to decrease emissions of “the cascade effect.” Agricultural policy in the U.K. changed and started to subsidise rapeseed a little more than other crops. A considerable change in the type of crops led to a slight change in the policy of the U.K. 

British wine 

With this horrible and probably durable change of climate, the wine industries of Britain are exploding. 

Director of innovation, Steve Dorling, at the University of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences, told CNBC, “Here in Great Britain, the wine sector has been proliferating over the last 10 to 15 years,” 

In WineGB‘s research and development working group, Dorling has a position. He also said that the victory of “wine industries” was practically down from April to October. Recent “frequent weather” has helped to born new varieties of grapes.

Except for these measurable victory full places, there are some areas in the U.K. where the changing weather has been cruel to the grape varieties. Dorling noted that natural variability in Britain’s climate could still lead to production shocks. 

However, as wineries continue to plant more vines yearly, WineGB anticipates production increasing to around 40 million bottles by 2040. In 2020, British vineyards produced 8.7 million bottles of wine, the organisation’s data shows. 

Adaptation of Industries  

Outside of the land-dependents, companies have been trying to put various efforts to change the system and the whole operating procedure. Due to climate change, many industries are facing several down-falls. 

High-speed HS2 railway development using 3D-printed graphene-reinforced concrete is more environmentally friendly than traditional concrete.  

 Andrew Wordsworth is managing partner and CEO of Sustainable Ventures, a British VC firm that helps invest in industries fighting climate change. The organisation, founded in 2011, has started eight companies, invested in 27 and supported a further 250. 

“A key feature of the innovations [we support] is that they allow people to continue enjoying consumer goods and experiences but in a more sustainable and often lower-cost way,” Wordsworth told CNBC. “We don’t believe that there needs to be a trade-off between commercial success and a sustainable future.” 


Simantini Thakur
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