Email servers and satellites are likely to become prime targets in 2023, which could increase the intensity of Cyberattacks: Report


increase in the intensity of Cyberattacks
source: Visual Edge IT

(2023 cyberattacks threat forecast builds on the impact of political unrest that has driven changes in cybersecurity.)

Kaspersky on Wednesday predicted that advanced persistent threats (APTs) are likely to be a major cybersecurity threat in its vision for the future.

The prediction is based on the company’s global research and analysis team tracking 900 APTs, and adept at mixing physical and cyber intruders, as well as experts using drones for close proximity hacking. said it could be used.

Possible cyberattacks include allowing drones equipped with sufficient tools to harvest WPA handshakes used to crack WiFi passwords offline, or deploying malicious USB keys in restricted areas. Scenarios may be included.

The forecast also predicts a record surge in destructive cyberattacks due to the current political climate. These attacks are expected to target both government sectors and major industries.

Attacks on civilian infrastructure such as power grids, public broadcasting stations, undersea cables, and fiber optic cabling are also expected.

source: BBC

The 2023 threat forecast also predicts an increase in cyberattacks

On mail servers from zero-day vulnerabilities targeting large email programs.

Other key predictions include satellite attacks by attackers, hack-and-leak attacks, and the APT group’s transition from the Cobalt Strike to alternative organizations.

Hack-and-leak attacks have also been observed in 2022, and the report predicts these will continue.

Email servers and satellites are likely to become prime targets
source: Times of India

Regarding his APT threat actors moving away from CobaltStrike, the report states that attackers are likely to move to alternatives such as Brute Ratel C4, Silver, Manjusaka, and Ninja as they offer more sophisticated evasion techniques.

The report notes that SIGINT, one of the most powerful attack vectors that can be used to intercept and inject messages during online communications, using servers at key locations in the Internet backbone, could spread widely. also made it clear.



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