Emergence of Qatar as the Regional Winner in New Afghanistan


Crucial role for tiny Qatar as a mediator of new Afghanistan. As the United States ceases it’s operations in Afghanistan, letting the Taliban take complete control over the country, Qatar finds itself getting extolled for the arbitrary connection it has maintained with both the USA and the fundamentalist Islamic militia of Afghanistan.

Qatar is viewed as the only country to have the ability to coax the Afghan militants to maintain a connection with the rest of the world.

Qatar’s desire to play a regional power broker in Afghanistan is well established for a long time. Recently for a few weeks, after the Taliban usurped the government and managed to bomb the Kabul airport, killing several of their countrymen.

Qatar has extended its help to the West and other countries in liberating thousands of men and women from such suffocating situations.

Qatar’s strategic connections have now made it the only reachable resort for the countries seeking to gain influence in Afghanistan, the anguished natives who are desperate to leave the country, and the NGOs trying to help them evacuate.

Moreover, the small country has been personally praised for its energy by Joe Biden. He phoned Qatar’s 41-year-old Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and acknowledged that the US-led airlift had been made possible solely because of Qatar’s help.

Qatar Importance On The New Regime’s Legitimacy

However, Qatar’s re-growing reputation may get spoiled if they accept the brutal regime of the Taliban too quickly.  Hence, the Qatari officials are presently trying to encourage the Taliban to form an all-inclusive government, including other Afghan participants.

While simultaneously encouraging the foreign parties to comply with new rules set by the emerging government of Afghanistan.

Currently, Qatar is trying to negotiate for the disagreement as to who will control the international airport of Kabul.

Qatar’s support has enabled the Turkish government to extend the offer of running it, an act that would provide international validity to Taliban and re-establish Afghanistan’s connection with the global society.

However, the Taliban’s firm verdict regarding foreign troops’ involvement has disrupted the negotiation.

Qatar delivered that its prime priority at this hour is to conserve and restore regulations, security and safety at the airport premises.

With its shabby state bestrewn with inoperative helicopters and planes, the Kabul airport and several thousand people still trying to flee the country needs to be revived and secured for the Joe Biden administration and its allies to settle any agreement.

As soon as Kabul was taken over by the Taliban a few weeks ago, Qataris got adjured by thousands of Afghans to let them escape the country safely amidst such tumultuous circumstances.

They even mailed them to leave and reallocate at the Qatari ambassador’s hotel, where they received required replenishments.

The ambassador, Saeed bin Mubarak Al Khayarin, arranged personalized rescue missions with the help of a few embassy staffers who could navigate through Taliban and US checkpoints to help the people in need.

They accomplished the evacuation of a girl’s boarding school, an all-girls robotics team and journalists working for international media.

While the US depends on Qatar to settle disputes and command peace, it’s not the only country to influence Afghanistan. Iran has an even stronger presence in Afghanistan.

Qatar has bonded with Afghanistan and its official government by using the US as the shield, but Iran has directly interacted with its diverse culture.

Thus, Iran may have greater chances of being a powerful influence on Afghanistan because of its past connections with all fragments of Afghan society, including religious leadership and the government.

However, if Iran gains more importance, it would result in conflict between Qatar and other Gulf countries.

Additionally, if the USA does not validate the Taliban government, it may compromise Qatar’s reputation. To ensure that such a situation does not occur, Qatar has to moderate the more radical groups of Afghanistan by using the Taliban as their political capital.

Therefore, Qatar’s influence and importance now depend on the new regime’s legitimacy without compromising world peace.

Sayani Banerjee
Sayani Banerjee
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