Emerging Cyber Crime in the Society


Cyber crime is rapidly paving its way in society as numerous cases related to message and video call blackmail list up in the new crime aspect.

Cyber crime is usually followed up by a series of activities such as cyberbullying, blackmailing victims with messages and video calls, committing fraud, violating privacy, stealing identities, and trafficking child pornography.

It is co-related with computer and internet-based crime; in simplified form, cybercrime refers to using a computer and the internet as a criminal instrument for conducting illegal activities.

The most common types of cyber-crimes could be illicit activities such as identity theft, internet fraud, cyber-stalking, online harassment, and phishing scams.

Cyber crime consists of efficiently harming a person’s financial and security aspect as it intercepted confidential information of people.

Recent Case of Cyber Crime


Recently, an online scam case came in highlight. A Romanian national, Adrian Mitan, 36, has been arrested by the US police and sent to jail for 140 months as he was found engaged in numerous cyber-scams.

The same person was previously found guilty in January 2020 into three different cyber-crime activities: credit card phishing, vishing scheme, and auction fraud scheme.

Mitan obtained confidential information of victims’ credit cards and other counterfeit cards by using compromised account information; later on, he and his co-conspirators fraudulently withdraw cash from the victim’s account.

According to the US Department of Justice, for conducting cyber-scams and vishing schemes, people usually use a technique such as hacking into the protocols of small businesses and further obtaining their voice over Internet Protocol systems to script the confidential information of personal debit and credit cards.

Through this technique, Mitan and his co-conspirators obtained the confidential codes of about 2,130 devices, which further targets more than ten financial institution customers.


In the Bengaluru state of India, two people men were arrested by the police who were found engaged in cryptocurrency cheating of about ₹3.5 crore.

The two men, Rajeshbhai Dhirajlal Soni and Piyushbhai Himmatlal Soni from Gujarat, were arrested by the Bengaluru police based on a complaint filed by Gowtham, a 37-year-old businessman.

The victim accused both the men of cheating him as Gowtham was seeking advice before investing in cryptocurrency; he contacted those two men who asked him to transfer about ₹3.5 crore into two different bank accounts to purchase cryptocurrency.

Later on, Gowtham found out that they did not bring any cryptocurrency and neither returned him the money back.

Thus, Gowtham understood that those men were cheating on him, and later, he filed a complaint against them.

Further, the senior police officer stated that many people in the society lures innocent people by disguising themselves as an expert within the field of cryptocurrency training on various online and offline platforms who later cheat the people with their investing funds.

Moreover, a similar case could also be traced in the early phase of this year, when a 38-year-old lecturer was cheated on by a fraudster worth ₹10 lakh by luring him towards the benefits of cryptocurrency.

The man easily trusted the fraudster with his confidential codes and shared his login credentials on an online mobile application with the fraudster.

Later the fraudster gave pace to his scam act by cheating the lecturer with his money.

Thus, the Criminal Investigation Department stated that cyber-crime is alarming rising in the country, and this criminal activity consists the ability to harm an individual and global security. If it’s not controlled, it could damage the international financial and safety aspect.

Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
Emerging journalist and content writer.



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