Researchers say the Vasculature of your aging eyes is linked to the kidney health of the individual. Your kidney health can be screened with biomarkers in the eyes which helps in treating kidney diseases easily.

Vasculature of a kidney   Image Source: Lumen Learning

End Stage Kidney Disease

 End Stage Kidney disease also known as Kidney failure or Chronic kidney disease where the kidney no longer functions to eliminate toxins. This may lead to permanent dialysis, kidney transplant, or even cause death in patients in prolonged diseased conditions. ESKD is seen in 10% of people around the globe.


This may be caused due to lifestyle habits or maybe due to the patient’s family history. Other body conditions will lead to kidney damage such as hypertension or high blood pressure and diabetes or high sugar levels in the blood.

Correlation between Eyes and Kidneys 

The microvasculature of the eyes is similar to that of the kidneys in various stages of development, structure, and function. Macular tissue of the eyes is the most common area that leads to degeneration as a side effect of any dysfunction in the body such as insulin or glomerular filtration etc…

The researchers have come up with an aging biomarker to predict kidney health. It is said that every year of aging of the eyes may indicate a 10% more prevalence of kidney disease, as published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. This result was obtained from the study of 35864 volunteers.

Vasculature of Eyes      Image Source: The Retina Reference

AI-powered Predictive analysis

The retinal age of a person is acquired by the fundus images of the eyes. However, the direct correlation between the retinal eyes and renal health cannot be derived with accuracy. Thus, scientists have gathered a proportionality between the retinal age gap, which is calculated from the difference of the retinal age from the images and the chronological age of the person to the kidney Health.

An AI-powered imaging method for screening aging biomarkers in the eye images with the retinal age gap analysis helps in the diagnosis of kidney diseases. This method is clinically validated to measure the future occurrence of ESKD.

AI-powered non-invasive screening methods for kidney health help in preventing end-stage kidney failure that causes death across the globe. Also, gives a chance to treat and manage kidney conditions. It is one of the medical breakthroughs in the diagnostic world.

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