Fall movies to binge watch


Fall calls for cozy days in a blanket with pumpkin spice latte and with that ultimate package you need movies to binge watch. Whether you are into comfy romance or spooky movies, we have curated the ultimate fall movie to binge-watch!


You’ve Got Mail

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Meg Ryan, who plays another legendary role alongside Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail, may very well be the queen of fall. The film chronicles the romance of lead characters Kathleen and Joe, who meet and fall in love online. Both are oblivious to the fact that they are, in fact, competitors in the business world.


The Proposal

Genre: Romantic Comedy

The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, will put you in a chokehold. Margaret Tate, played by Sandra, is a book editor who grew up in Canada but now lives in the United States. She threatens her assistant, Andrew, into pretending to be engaged to her so that she can avoid deportation. With the caveat that she accompanies him on a flight to Alaska to see his family, Andrew gives his approval. As part of the immigration process, they will have to arrange a wedding and act in love while being closely observed by an official. This almost enemies to lovers is our all-time favorite!


The Addams Family

Genre: Halloween fix

The Addams Family is the antithesis of a typical family; they are weird, morbid, and fascinating. On top of all that, they are extremely wealthy. A local loan shark finds out about the Addams Family’s wealth and recruits her son to help her seize control of it. To fool the household’s patriarch, Gomez, he pretends to be Gomez’s estranged brother. The rest of the family is wary about Gomez’s brother’s return following a quarrel they had years ago. The Addams family must fight back to reclaim their home from the scam artists.



Genre: Halloween Fix

Moving into their new house, Barbara, Adam, and Lydia have no idea that they will be sharing space with the ghosts of a deceased couple. The couple hires a malicious ghost to frighten the family into leaving their home. They had no idea that the ghost of Beetlejuice will also cause them to have problems.



Corpse Bride

Genre: Halloween Fix

A young man accidentally marries a corpse while traveling two days to the town of his actual bride-to-be in this chilling tale adapted by Tim Burton from a Russian folktale from the 19th century. The bridegroom’s real-life fiancée, who has been waiting anxiously for her man to finally show up, must reconcile with the ghostly version by pledging to fulfill the ghost’s dreams and always keep her memory alive. A wedding ceremony for the living bride and groom can then take place in Tim Burton’s warm and fuzzy story, Corpse Bride.


Hocus Pocus

Genre: Halloween Fix

This is the moment that the Sanderson sisters have been waiting for. Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy play a trio of witches who find themselves unexpectedly revived a century and a half after their fellow citizens in Salem, Massachusetts turned on them. Things have changed a lot in New England since the Sanderson sisters were accused of witchcraft, but the fall in the region is still beautiful and this film is a classic among family-friendly Halloween fare that works perfectly well as your fall movie. Starting this fall, Disney Plus will air the sequel.



Practical Magic

Genre: Fantasy

With her multi-genre dominance, Sandra Bullock might challenge Meg Ryan for the title of Autumn’s Queen. Sister witches Sally and Gillian were nurtured by a pair of nontraditional aunts. They’ve all gone their own ways, but they have the same curse: each man they fell for ends up dead. After killing Gillian’s violent boyfriend by mistake while trying to sedate him, Sally and Gillian are forced to resort to a prohibited spell in order to clear their names. In the event of a failure, they will have to murder him once more and bury him in the backyard. They think they’ve found a solution, but then things get worse.



Genre: Fantasy

Even though it makes you cringe, we know you secretly adore it. A yearly fall movie rewatch is in order.

Bella Swan, being young, awkward, and sensitive, has always felt like an outsider. Since relocating from Arizona to Forks, Washington, she has fallen in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen. Edward tries to warn them off each other, but they end up falling in love despite himself. Edward and his family are revealed to Bella as vampires who feed only on animal blood. To add insult to injury, she discovers that evil vampires exist and, due to her ties to the Cullens, she is now a prime target.


Silence of the Lambs

Genre: Thriller

A young student at the FBI Academy, Clarice Starling, is sent to interview Dr. Hannibal Lector, one of the most prolific and brutal psychopaths currently incarcerated. A talented psychiatrist himself, he plays with her mind as she attempts to elicit answers from him on the bureau’s case. You’ll be referencing this film all season long after watching it.


Dead Poets Society

Genre: Drama

Oh captain, my captain! Get the tissues and the water bottles ready, since it wouldn’t be autumn without a sad girl watch. One of Robin Williams’ most motivational portrayals is that of John Keating, a poetry-quoting, free-thinking English teacher. Keating challenges his conventional students to begin engaging in independent thought.

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