“Family members cried out for help”: Victim’s cousin narrates the ordeal as 4 were killed in Delhi. 


Victim’s cousin narrates the ordeal and tells about the family

Speaking to media persons, the victim’s cousin and an eyewitness Kuldeep said, “I was returning from my shop at around 9:30. I heard my cousin sister Urvasi screaming ‘help me, brother’. She was shouting for help and trying to escape from Keshav. I went to check the situation but the door was locked from inside. I called up my uncle and the Police family came late.”

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Four members of a family were stabbed to death in their residence in Palam, New Delhi area late Tuesday night. The accused who have been identified as Keshav murdered his father, mother, grandfather, and sister, and now has been arrested, as per the information. 

Keshav (accused) allegedly killed his family members in a fit of anger.

Kuldeep while speaking to the media said that he was coming back from his home at around 9:30 pm on Tuesday when he heard her cousin sister Urvasi shouting for help. Urvasi was shouting for help and trying to run away from Keshav. He went to check the situation however the door was locked from the inside. He called his uncle and the police. 

Kuldeep added furthermore that when he was trying to break the door Keshav who was inside, told him what he was doing. He asked Keshav to open the door but he denied it and told him to not get involved in it as it was their family matter.


4 family members were hacked to death on Tuesday (22 November) night. As per the information, Palam police station got a call from neighbours of the Victim’s family around 10:30 pm. The neighbours told the police officer that they heard them scream out for help. 

Police reached the spot and found that the parents were found dead in the bathroom and the sister and grandfather were found dead in their respective bedrooms.

According to the investigation so far police have found that Keshav was a drug addict and had no sound source of earnings.  He lost his job on Diwali this year and the family had to quarrel with each other daily. 

Palam police said that Keshav used a sharp object to stab them to death and he stabbed the object multiple times and cut their throat. They added that a case has been registered under section 302 of the IPC (committing murder) and the probe further continues to find the real reason behind this. 

4 from a family stabbed to death

The ghastly incident reportedly occurred on the night of November 22. According to sources, the Palam police station received a call at around 10:30 pm from the neighbors of the victim’s family. They informed the police that they heard the family members screaming. After reaching the spot, police found four members of the family died in the house. Notably, the bodies of the parents were found in the bathroom, while the sister and grandmother’s bodies were in their respective bedrooms. 

As per the preliminary investigations, the 25-year-old accused, who is identified as Keshav, was a drug addict and had no stable source of income. He was reportedly unemployed since Diwali this year and the family used to quarrel every day at their home. Reportedly, Keshav used a sharp object to slit their throats and stabbed the victims multiple times. The accused was under the influence of drugs when he committed the brutal crime, informed Palam police.

The police further informed that a case has been registered under section 302 (committing murder) Indian Penal Code (IPC) and further investigation is underway to find out the real motive behind the incident.

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