Finally, the road blockade on NH-44 in Haryana was lifted by farmers after the government accepted the demand



The road blockade on NH-44 which was put by the farmers against being related to the protest by them was finally lifted.

The farmer’s protest which was led by the Bhartiya Kisan Union finally lifted its 21-hour blockade on NH-44 in Shahabad on Saturday when the government finally accepted their demand to start paddy procurement which is done by the farmers.

The commotion of traffic which occurred on GT road is finally resolved and the traffic is now running smoothly as the block has now been removed.

The farmers who were protesting put the block on the GT road on Friday around 1 pm.

Due to the block on GT road the public faced a lot of problems because it is one of the busiest highways which connects Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh. The major intersections faced long traffic jams, though it was diverted into different routes by the Kurukshetra police later.

The police in Ambala were not allowing the traffic coming from Chandigarh to enter Ambala, instead they diverted the traffic toward NH-152 which is near the Sadopur border between Punjab and Haryana.

Mr. Surinder Singh Bohria SP (Superintendent of Police) of Kurukshetra stated that since the farmers have moved the block from the road the traffic has resumed again and it is running smoothly and even all the diversions had been removed as well.

Gurunam Singh Charuni stated to the media that they have made discussions with top officials of the food and supply department of Haryana and the DC of Kurukshetra conveyed to them that the paddy procurement will start by today the lifted paddy will be stocked until the government procurement is released which will be done on October 1. The safekeeping of paddy will be done by the administration. He even stated that the demand made by them on revising pre acre procurement cap on paddy was accepted to which they opened the gate.

The DC of Kurukshetra Shantanu came up with an official statement that the talks with the administration and farmers were conclusive after which the blockade of NH-44 was released in which the leaders of BKU and the director of the food and civil supply department played a vital role.

Charuni stated on Twitter that “the stubborn government has bowed down before the struggle of the farmers, friends, you have won, the government has agreed to fill the paddy lying in the mandis and that will come next days, friends we will continue to press the stubborn government in the same way in the future too, thank you all”.

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