Fresh Death Threats to Nupur Sharma: Moves SC Again


Nupur Sharma approached the Supreme Court again yesterday to ask for immunity from any detention in future. She argued for clubbing the FIRs in Delhi in her petition.

New Delhi: Nupur Sharma moved again to Supreme Court on Monday, 17 July, in relation to proceedings against her for a statement she made about the Prophet Mohammed last month. For her remarks, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) suspended her who earlier hold the post of party spokesperson.  

In her fresh petition, she claims that following the criticism of July 1, certain individuals have continued rape and murder threats against her. Such threats were also mentioned in her earlier plea. 

Earlier in the month, the Constitutional Court launched a horde of criticisms at Nupur Sharma. SC alleged that her purported remarks towards the Prophet ignited the nation and harmed the social fabric of India. 

“It is awful. She faces threats or she has turned into a security threat. She ought to apologize to the entire nation.”

-The presiding judge had pronounced 

Controversy Over SC Judgement

Nupur Sharma approached the Supreme Court again yesterday to ask for immunity from any detention in future. She argued for clubbing the FIRs in Delhi in her petition.
Image Source – Prag News

The Court bench also denounced her for the way she ignited the whole country. The bench also exclaimed over how she had the cheek and courage to approach the court asking for relief instead of doing so in high courts and trial courts existing for the purpose. They also condemned her for single-handedly accountable for the outrage across the country.    

The panel also received harsh feedback for the remarks following the pronunciation of the rule. Along with former officials and veteran military commanders, at least fifteen retired judges claimed that some of the findings amounted to a “virtual exoneration of the deadliest decapitation at Udaipur.”   

Later at a gathering, Justice Pardiwala addressed the criticism, particularly those found on social media. He expressed that Social and digital media is getting predominantly used to express personal views very much against the judges. He further added that no one is trying to make a positive critical evaluation of their judgments. This is what undermines the integrity of the judiciary and diminishes its stature   

Background of the Nupur Sharma Case

Nupur Sharma approached the Supreme Court again yesterday to ask for immunity from any detention in future. She argued for clubbing the FIRs in Delhi in her petition.
Image Source – Hindustan Time

Two months prior, Ms. Sharma had made some contentious remarks on the Prophet and Islam while appearing as a representative of the ruling party on a prime-time debate show by a renowned Media House. She was reacting to some hurtful statements made by the Muslim leaders participating in that debate too.  

Following the incident, Nine FIRs were filed against Nupur Sharma for allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Prophet of the Islamic religion. The BJP suspended her because it sparked outrage in India as well as emerged a geopolitical dispute.  

Moreover, two people have lost their lives because they defended her on social media. Two guys killed a tailor named Kanhaiya Lal last month in Udaipur, Rajasthan, because of his social media posts endorsing Nupur Sharma. Amravati district in Maharashtra, also witnessed a similar incidence.  

What’s Next for Nupur Sharma  

The same bench that condemned the statements of Nupur Sharma on July 1—justices JB Pardiwala and Surya Kant—will review her new argument later today on July 18. However, the fact that the judges’ opinions were not included in the final judgment could support her claim when she reapplies for relief.  

On the other hand, the residential address of Nupur Sharma was discovered in a device of Mohammad Athar Parvez. He was detained in relation to the Phulwarisharif terror network investigation earlier. According to the sources, Nupur Sharma’s name is on the hit list of this outfit because of her divisive comments against the Prophet Mohammad. 



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