From a travel experience on the island of Bali

From a travel experience on the island of Bali

A trip to Bali, Indonesia, which I have always loved, helped me learn more about the island.  The trip was to Singapore, Malaysia, Langkawi, Thailand, Bali and Angkor Wat (Cambodia).

Known as the Island of Peace, the Island of God and the Island of Love, this place is beautiful. The site is famous for its Varuna Temple and the coastal areas that overlook the sea.

It is a strait that separates the islands of Java and Bali and connects the Indian Ocean with the Bali Sea. The narrowest part of the gorge is about two and a half kilometres wide. Bali is an island nation in Indonesia.

The capital of Bali, one of the 33 provinces of Indonesia, is Dun Passar, located on the southern tip of the island. In addition to Bali, the province includes some small islands. It is home to a large number of Indonesian Hindus.

Bali is one of the major tourist destinations in the world, rich in traditional arts and crafts.

The Balinese are astronomical people who crossed the sea from Southeast Asia over 2000 years ago. There were 9 Hindu sects in ancient Bali. Pashupati Nath, Bhairav, Shiva Siddhanta, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, Brahma, Resi, Sora and Gana Padia.

Each denomination also had its concept of zero devas. This place has been in existence since ancient times and inscribed as Vali deep in the Blan gong Stone Inscription of Sri Kesari Varma Deva in C. E. 914.

The Ma Jahid Empire (1293-1520 CE), a Hindu dynasty in East Java, established a Bali colony in 1343; with the fall of this empire, there was an exodus of intellectuals and musicians from Java to Bali in the 15th century.

In 1585, the Europeans first came in contact with Bali; they believed that the first Europeans to arrive in Bali were a few Portuguese who arrived on the Bukit Peninsula to serve King Deva Agung.

The Dutch explorer Cornelis arrived here and founded the Dutch East India Company in 1602. It was under Dutch rule for two and a half centuries and rose to political and economic growth in 1840.

In 1860, the famous English naturalist Alfred Russell Wallis travelled from Singapore to Bali and pioneered the Wally Line theory. The Wallis Line is a vegetative boundary that runs through the strait between Lamborghini and Bali. He has written about his experiences in his travelogue Maya, The Malay Archie Pelago

Bali, located about 3.5 km east of Java and the mountains in the centre of Bali are about 3000 meters high. The highest peak is Angung (3031 m), also known as the Mother of the Mount, an active volcano.

It is the volcanoes in Bali that make the soil of Bali so unusually fertile. The agricultural sector is highly productive as the high hills cause heavy rainfall.

The animals here are similar to those in Asia, but the Asian palm tree is not shared. These are grown on coffee farms to make kopi luwak. Bats can see in most places worshipped in bat temples (Goa-Lava) and also worshipped in other cave temples.

Crab-eating monkeys are called Kera and are honoured and fed at temples in the Ubud region. Some people keep these as pets. Some birds and animals are endangered.

The surrounding coral reef is home to a wide variety of species. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many new plants have been brought to Bali. Now it is doubtful what are the unique plants of this country.

Palm trees, plantains, coconuts, bamboo shoots, acacia and bananas, as well as bougainvillaea, jasmine, amber, lilies, orchids, mushrooms and pine trees are available here.  Commercial crops are coffee, mangosteen and maize

Geographically, Bali and Java lay together until the end. When the sea level rose, the part connected to the shores became submerged, part of a tectonic template known as the Surshelf. The Indonesian government is considering the possibility of a bridge across the strait.

Economic hardships and opposition from some locals have hampered the project. There are currently no permanently connected components to Bali, and only a ferry service is available.

We also went on a ferry service to see some isolated islands, and these ferries have a glass section attached to the middle. Fish and coral reefs are here under our feet. Thus, a variety of turtles were bred here on a small island (Bali Paradise Island), and it is an important tourist destination.

We arrived at Jalan Ngurah International Airport in Den Bazar, Bali, from Malaysia, received as the best symbol of Hindu culture. They came out of the airport and greeted us in Bali, wearing a garland around their necks with noises.

It was a new experience and unforgettable. From here, we headed back to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Legian Paradiso Hotel.

I added Bali to the Indonesian trip, but our travel agent told us not to go to our decided location and another island.  He said the volcano was smoking, and the government had banned travel there.  With that in mind, Bali is just a dream.

By the grace of God, we were able to reach our destination. Some journeys are happening only by luck. Bali But the first image that comes to mind is the beautiful beach. The history and customs of the place have become the landmarks of the temples in Bali.

Tabanan is a temple located on a beautiful rock, blessed with huge waves and the colours of the sky. The Tanah Lot Temple is beyond our imagination. The view inside is only when the festival is celebrated ten days a year in September; from a distance, one can see the beautiful view of the temples on both sides of the sea and the majestic beauty of the temples.

In the 16th century, Dang Hyang Niratha, a local monk, built three temples in his village. The temples are Agung, Puseh and Dalem. Then he came to the south and went to a rock in the shape of a bird to rest.

Uluwatu temple is another temple located on the sea level opposite to the temple. Both these temples offer a rare beauty at sunset with spectacular views of the sky and sunset of the sea. Places gifted by nature itself.

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