Friday, June 21
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The Cambodia Government re-elects Prime Minister Hun-Sen for the next term elections, a question the people of Cambodia have to answer do they want to become a slave to the hegemonic disposition or will they use opposition in their favour.

Hun Sen casting his vote
Hun Sen casting his vote

The Cambodia People’s Party wins again with prime minister, Hun Sen, aged 70 years, who proclaimed a landslide win that is considered to be micromanaged that paved the way for an exchange in governmental authority after he assumed office in 1985.

The only known and accepted opposition party was banned in May and he almost always ruled through brutality. The official voting system is nothing but a ruse and pretense of a “democracy” where voters were told or given a predetermined result that the party will win again.

A representative for the Cambodian People’s Party, Sok Eysan, declared on Sunday that the party had won a “decisive victory”.

“Among 125 seats, we won almost all,” as claimed. “Maybe only one or two seats were won by another party.”

Another “promise” or “proclamation” was after a few years he “might” hand over power to his eldest son, General Hun Manet, aged 45 who claimed he has no vested zeal in holding positions of power  “I will become father of the prime minister after 2024 and grandfather of the prime minister in the 2030s.” Hun emphasized that he will control the party’s “interests”. 

“Even if I am no longer a prime minister, I will still control politics as the head of the ruling party,” he mentioned in June.

The nature of hereditary succession within a democratic form of parliament demonstrates the political clench of effectively abolishing all resistance via extreme savagery, incarceration, coerced banishment, and artifice of the court of law.

Prime Minister Hun Sen wins his 40th year as an "autocratic" - Asiana Times

Hun Manet after casting his vote

Hun’s rise to Prime minister

Mathew Miller, a State Department representative, voiced his opinion saying the elections were biased and coercive indicating the country hinging towards dictatorship, to which the US accordingly took measures to foist visa restrictions on people who erode the spirit of democracy and ceased foreign aid schemes and did not involute anymore.

This form of nepotism in Cambodia is the consequence of a 2 billion dollar interference by the United Nations which promoted democracy when the nation was ravaged by bloodbath and in-country strife.

“The history of the international community’s ill-fated attempt to implant democracy in Cambodia should be required reading for anyone planning future United Nations peacekeeping operations,” a former scientist at Harvard University’s School of Public Health opined. 

The only trustworthy party, Candlelight Party, was barred in May by NEC [National Election Commision] which directly reports to Mr. Hun Sen qualified for the party’s win before this was a reprise with the opposite faction the Cambodian National Rescue Party was compelled by the lobbied courts to disseminate with the majority win for Cambodia People’s Party “yanked” 125 seats at the National Assembly successfully becoming a one-man’s show party.

“This repeat of the 2018 election, which had no opposition, should make it clear to the world that Hun Sen has turned his back on democracy,” as said in correspondence by Mu Sochua, a leader of the resistant party who made a break from Cambodia to avoid detention.

In favour of political succession, Mr. Hun nipped several prospective oppositions in the bud when he compelled the termination of Voice of Democracy, a self-contained news outlet, and several of them have been imprisoned, escaped, or expulsed, not to speak of the least when a well-known opposition figurehead, Kem Sokha, was placed under house arrest for 17 years in March. 

A political scientist, Sophal Ear, compared the elective conspiracy with Cambodia’s holding the Southeast Asian Games the current year.

“The Manipulator” even went to the extent of altering the regulations by attaching vague entries of sports like Ouk Chaktrang or Cambodian Chess and Bokator a Cambodian martial art form where the medal tally was a complete 282 an increase of  219 medals from the preceding 63 medals in the games. Mr.Hun played power games ever since he was elected prime minister against the Vietnam-backed parliament and also known as a previous middle-ranking Khmer Rouge Cadre which was heavily backed by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Vietnamese annexation climaxed at the advent of six years before the barbaric four-year bloodthirsty directive of the Khmer Rouge diminishing a  population of 1.7 million people from capital punishment, malnourishment, and oppression activating a civil war, and the Khmer Rouge escaped into the wilderness.

In 1992, after tough negotiations, the United Nations came in with a proposed peace treaty for holding elections, which Mr. Hun co-heralded with his opposition Prince Norodom Ranariddh who was unseated in a coup d’etat in 1997 after which Mr. Hun became the seldom ruler with a taste of schism.

The United Nations intervened in 1992 after a peace agreement and conducted an election in which Mr. Hun continued to hold power as co-premier with his rival, Prince Norodom Ranariddh. A ruthless and cutthroat, he soon became the dominant partner in that position and then the sole prime minister after ousting Prince Ranarridh in a coup in 1997.

In his political speeches, he and his supporters accentuate Hun’s triumphs and rising economic upswing, the establishment of balance, and the last bow to the Khmer Rouge.

Police Officers marking their ballots as they vote
Police Officers marking their ballots as they vote

Opinions of people on his rule:

Says Mai Kompheak, a 25-year-old taxi driver in Phnom Penh “Hun Sen develops the country well, the country has peace and no war,” “I don’t want to see Cambodia like Ukraine.”

Preparing the ground for hereditary succession for at least 10 years now, Mr.Hun ensures in March of 2021 to his “people” that he continues to herald the post of prime minister until he wants to cease slowly but surely breaking the back of opposition actively promoting his eldest son, General Manet for the post.

Sebastian Strangio commented in an email and the author of ‘Hun Sen’s Cambodia “For all his political successes over the past four decades, Hun Sen now faces a curious challenge: how to step back from a system in which he has made himself indispensable,” 

If Hun did allow a step for unfastening the chains of nepotism it could lead to discordance and uprising. Up and above the premier head will allow top officials who pave the way for their children to take precedence.

Mr. Strangio commented, “There is every indication that Manet, even more than Hun Sen, will be imprisoned by the system that his father created, and hostage to its dynamics of loyalty and obligation,”. “It is unlikely that Manet possesses the ruthless instinct that has helped his father to remain at the pinnacle of Cambodian politics for so long.”

Advertising General Manet

“Even if he cannot be like his father, at least his capacity should match that of his father’s by 80 or 90 percent.”Mr. Hun flagrantly advertised for his General Manet in December 2021 topping it with a scant appreciation of his DNA.

The Premier has been molding his son for a long time now investing in a top-class education that is inclusive of a Bachelor’s degree from West Point, a Post graduation from New York University, and a Post-doctorate in Economics from the University of Bristol in Britain. 

Manet found himself climbing the ladders of Cambodia’s Military and is a four-star general, Army Chief, and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. Also to add to the list he is present at the innermost ring of his father’s political party to command the Youth Party Wing providing a pathway to associate with the youth voters, thereby influencing the elections. 

A community meeting in May prompted Mr.Hun to give angelic attributes to his son claiming he was born and enthroned by a mighty Cambodian spirit God which showed itself as a radiant spark at the time of birth.

“Manet may be the child of Nhek Ta Anchanh Koh Thmar,” he claimed, citing a mighty spirit God.

Prime Minister Hun Sen wins his 40th year as an "autocratic" - Asiana Times

Election majority for Hun Sen


The hegemonic practice of the Cambodia's People's Party to re-elect Hun Sen as the Prime minister is extremely defaced. People need to re-think on procuring the help of the opposition.

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