Gay Marriage: The story of Telengana’s first!


Gay marriage is legal in many countries worldwide, yet it is still illegal in India. However, there seems to be an improvement and a growing understanding regarding this topic. A significant step taken by the Supreme Court of India was in 2018 when homosexuality was decriminalized in 2018, and section 377 was scraped, which criminalized homosexuality in India.

As a result, this law, this legalization, has made many people happy in India and worldwide. These people mostly came from cities where it was easier to celebrate this victory and many more to celebrate it. Still, after all these steps, India ranks 82nd out of 150 countries for LGBTQ+ travel destinations. Still, the concept of LGBTQ+ is relatively new to numerous Indians and looked down upon by many.

While same-sex marriage is not recognized in India, Supriyo Chakroborty (31) and Abhay Dange (34) broke such prejudices and inspired many community members. The duo, who met through a dating app, announced their wedding in October. The couple has been in a relationship for eight years and got married in a resort near Hyderabad.

They ceremoniously wedded in a beautiful ceremony, attended by their family and close friends on Saturday, making them the first openly weeded gay couple in India. No official rituals were followed for the wedding, but Punjabi and Bengali traditions were practised for the ceremony. The pattern was officiated by Sophia David, a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the couple’s close friend. A brief mehndi ceremony was also followed and a sangeet too.

“For the wedding, we walked down the aisle and exchanged vows and rings. Our marriage was celebrated amid wedding bells that were distributed among all the guests. Following the event, the best man’s speech was delivered,” Supriyo said. He also expressed that “Ever since we declared our union, we have received mixed reactions from people.

At large, people have been very supportive, and this ceremony was a celebration just for that.” After the vows were exchanged and Abhay and Supriyo were pronounced ‘husband and husband’, Abhay sang the song ‘Aaye ho mere zindagi mein tum bahar banke’ to Supriyo, videos of which were shared widely on social media.

Ever since the couple’s wedding was announced, social media has been filled with supportive comments for them. The story of Supriyo and Abhay is not just one filled with happiness and celebration. Still, it is also the very representation of the status of their community in the country.

Since the scrapping of article 377, the nation has seen various pride marches and awareness parades being organized annually. However, the ruling party BJP does not support the community, and many party members openly condemn homosexuality. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, after the scrapping of article 377, did not comment on it.

The time has come to be more tolerant of this diversity and focus on people’s humanity instead of their sexuality. It is time for the Indian Government to comprehend that 19th-century law has no bearing in today’s world. Therefore, we should rectify the mistake, help by providing them with all rights and endow same-sex marriage rights.

Gay men and lesbians are human beings, and they have the exact needs and desires as heterosexuals. God or any higher-order has got nothing to do with it. It should be up to individuals to decide if they want to follow their religion or prefer to remain as homosexuals.

In a nation where neoliberalism is on the rise, the ‘homosexual question’ cannot be sidestepped for a long time, and it should recognize both sovereignty and sexuality jointly. The right strategy to deal with gay marriage is still unknown. One needs to observe that society illegalizing gay marriage relationships are not ideal. The point is it helps nobody, least of all the LGBTQ community.






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