GT Won by 5 Wickets beat SRH in IPL 2022 


Gujrat Titans won by 5 wickets and become the table topper with 14 points beat SRH. It’s no longer a shock. The Titans simply appear to have that extra gear when everything appears to be going apart.  

They arrive out of nowhere to deal the final blow. Rashid was the con artist for the evening, and boy, did he deliver. 22 off 6 balls isn’t difficult by today’s standards, but it’s still a tall order. 

 Tewatia got on the board first with a six, and Jansen eventually gave in to the pressure.  

Take nothing away from Rashid, who possesses lightning-quick hands and a famous bottom-hand.  

GT vs SRH LIVE: Rashid-Tewatia power GT to 5-wicket win
Image source – Insidesport

When he missed one, 15 off 4 became 9 off 3, but you knew SRH would pull it off. The Afghan showman sealed the deal with two sixes, so that was not to be.  

The chase had been set up wonderfully by Saha early on, but Umran Malik’s inhuman pace bowling spell devastated the Titans middle order. 

 He was practically unplayable today, and everyone assumed that his curse had sealed his doom. That isn’t the case at all. One man opted to vent his wrath with the ball after a horrible night with the ball. 

SRH Captain Williamson 

It was a scintillating game of cricket with razor-thin margins that ebbed and flowed over the course of 40 overs. It could have gone other way, but it taught us something. 

However, it was another another strong performance at the top of the standings. In the end, Shashank Singh gave a great performance and played effectively. Gujarat deserves praise for their outstanding performance; we will benefit from this match. He (Malik) has bowled brilliantly and put forth a tremendous effort.  

If you’re not paying attention, the ball can go anywhere. He’s done it before, and he’s going to do it again in this tournament.  

IPL 2018: Impossible To Replace David Warner, Says SRH Captain Kane  Williamson | Cricket News
Image source – NDTV Sports

We have a lot to learn, but when you have two powerful sides, things like this happen. Jansen will bounce back fine; he’s been in a lot of similar contests previously. 

 The superior squad will occasionally blow you away; credit to them (Gujarat) for their outstanding performance. 

Rashid Khan Destructive Batting 

It’s good to go there with that self-assurance, to keep in condition, and to hit it. I’m looking forward to bowling against them (SRH), and all I want to do is play my game and trust in my batting, which I’ve been working on for the past two years.  

When there were only 22 of us left. I merely told Tewatia that we had surrendered 25 in the last over, bowled by one of our finest bowlers, and that we needed to preserve our confidence and not panic.  

Stay put, preserve your shape, and slam it hard was the goal (with Tewatia). You can’t miss your line and length on a track like this. I’ve bowled a few poor deliveries that have been punished, and it’s something I’ve been considering. Despite the good batting conditions, we did well to keep them to 196 runs.  

IPL 2022: Rashid Khan And Rahul Tewatia Power GT's Stunning Win, SRH Lose  Despite Umran Malik Heroics | Cricket News – বাংলা সংবাদ প্রতিদিন
Image source – Newspaper

As previously stated, I did not bowl as well as I would have liked; however, this is beneficial to my learning, and I will make every effort to avoid repeating this in future games. 

Since day one, it’s been a very peaceful and chill workplace, and it’s a good team to be a part of, with everyone knowing their jobs and respecting one another, which is fantastic 

Our captain has provided us with a lot of positive energy both on and off the field, and our head coach, Ashish Bhai, has kept the team in a great environment.  

We’re having a nice time with each other and putting in our best effort. I’m ecstatic to have won, and these two points will benefit the team enormously in the long run, and I’m grateful to have been on the winning team. 

Hardik Pandya GT Captain 

In the dressing room, I keep joking that God is saying us, ‘You guys are good, I’ll help you.’ Because it happens so frequently, I’m scared that we’ll run out of luck in the knockout rounds. We maintain a laid-back atmosphere, and everyone contributes.  

IPL 2022: Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya makes BIG statement, says  'we're not here to prove anything' - WATCH | Cricket News | Zee News
Image source – Zee News

We’re ensuring that all of the players have what they require. (On his bowling fitness) It’s essentially a purposeful decision to manage my bowling with the goal of being able to bowl whenever the team requires it. Because the tournament is likely to be long, I don’t want to get too worked up too quickly.  

We’re really practical people, and we’ve talked about how to win in these kind of circumstances.  

The camp is buzzing with confidence. It’s critical to keep calm in the dugout, and the support staff deserves a lot of credit for how they’ve handled the players. 

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Edited By : Khushi Thakur

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