Gujarat: 40 arrested after communal clashes in Vadodara


Gujarat: 40 arrested after communal clashes in Vadodara


Gujarat Communal Clash

Vadodara: Forty individuals were captured after a common conflict broke out at a vegetable market in Savli town of Vadodara on Monday, said police.

“40 captured. A Muslim celebration is coming up, inferable from which a neighborhood bunch had tied their strict banner on an electronic pole. There is a temple nearby,” said Vadodara rural police PR Patel.

Communal Clash in Gujarat
Image Source- Zee News

A conflict broke out after one more nearby group went to convey how their religious faith was harmed. Stone pelting brought about harm to local vehicles.

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Image Source- Free Press Journal

An FIR has been recorded and the accused from the two sides have been arrested.

As indicated by Vadodara police, patrolling is underway and the situation is under control.

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