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The court here ordered a thorough investigation at the disputed site and scheduled a hearing on August 2nd to prove the nature of the historical and the importance of the religious articles so as to provide clear directives on the case matter.

People standing outside for a court verdict
People standing outside for a court verdict

The Varanasi Court ordered a detailed investigation and examination of the Gyanvapi mosque by the Indian Government Agency Archaeological Survey of India, to cognize the time period of the masjid excluding the “wazukhana” or the area where the Shivling was found – whether it was built over a pre-existing temple, persisting that “technical inquiry” is requisite and considering the “genuineness” to emerge and the court directed to skip the segment locked up subsequent to May 2022.

The area which has been locked up is currently under a tussle with Hindus claiming to have found a “Shivling” while Muslims claim it is part of a “fountain”.  

“The director of ASI is directed to conduct a detailed scientific investigation by using GPR Survey, excavation, dating method and other modern techniques of the present structure (mosque) to find out as to whether same has been constructed over a pre-existing structure of a Hindu temple,” as was the  declaration attempting to procure a report from the ASI until August 4th when the particular issue will be absorbed further.

Investigation Carbon-Dating and GPR 

The methodology of carbon dating involves the computation of the lifetime of ancient or old objects estimating the varying amounts of carbon in them. GPR or Ground Penetrating Techniques is the geological procedure of capturing images below the ground by sending electromagnetic radio waves underground. 

The directive stated that the ASI conduct the GPR survey around the roofs or dome-shaped mosques where the debris of the pinnacle or crown on the temple stands and under the Western Wall where the temple of Shringar Gauri is clearly visible.

“The director of ASI is also directed to conduct a GPR survey beneath the ground of all the cellars and conduct excavation if required. The director of ASI is also directed to conduct a dating exercise of the pillars and plinth of the building to find out the age and the nature of construction,” as reported.

Permission was granted for conducting a technical investigation of all antiquities found in the mosque to date their aging process and character. 

Further on, the ASI was commissioned to intricately conduct a detailed investigation of all items relating to historical and religious significance considered in any part of the structure and leads to any discovery underground.

“The director of ASI is also directed to conduct GPR survey, excavation wherever required, dating exercise and other scientific methods for determining the age and nature of construction existing at the site in question,” affirming on conducting the investigation in a thorough manner with no impairment being caused to the anatomy on the land in question.

Security forces outside the Gyanvapi Mosque
Security forces outside the Gyanvapi Mosque

The Debasement of the Plea

Ahmed Ansari, a lawyer from Masjid Management Committee, claimed to take the directive to a higher court. The two applications were submitted by five Hindu prosecutors out of which four of them were approved in August 2021.

They clamoured for unrestrained worship at Shringar Gauri Temple, detected with the other Hindu idols and the persons who filed for the study to be conducted were Rekha Pathak, Manju Vyas, Sita Sahu, and Lakshmi Devi. 

“The application filed by the four women seeking a survey of the Gyanvapi mosque premises by the ASI was allowed by the district court. The court has said that the survey must be done without causing any harm to the structure. The court has also said that the survey will exclude the area which was sealed last year after the Shivling was found there. The wuzukhana area where the Shivling was found was sealed on orders of the Supreme Court.”

The lawyers included Hari Shankar Jain, Vishnu Jain, Sudhir Tripathi, and Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi who gave an emotional, important, and rational explanation on their behalf.

The explanation was debunked by the Mosque Management Committee with a firm stance that there was never a temple and the place always housed a mosque. The Muslim side had lawyers such as Ansari and Ekhlaq Ahmed who were averse to the survey being conducted claiming such a movement cannot be directed to accumulate proof, in addition a statement was being passed which said that there was already a survey conducted by an officer of the Court in April of 2022 and nothing could be added to substantiate the findings.

After all, the District Judge voted down the demur clearing citing the difference between the survey of April 2022 was a variation from the now research findings or technical investigations as will be conducted by the ASI with all the newest findings and technology determining the concrete evidence of the lifetime and duration of the site in question.

“In my view, if ASI will be directed to hold a survey and scientific investigation at the property in question and submit a report then it will help in the just and proper disposal of the case and true facts will come before this court. I am also of the view that objections, filed by defendant no.4 (mosque management committee) are unfounded and without any substance,” the court concluded.

Gyanvapi Mosque
Gyanvapi Mosque

As it stands now..

According to the Hindu opponents, Kashi Vishwanath temple was originally presented upon which it was desecrated and a mosque was built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. But the Muslims argue that the mosque was built on the land ordained to them by the laws of Islam or Wafq and the Places of Worship Act [ Special Provisions]  Act, 1991 barred anyone from changing the places of worship as it was present on the day of Independence.

Varanasi Court Directs ASI into the investigation of the Gyanvapi tussle - Asiana Times

Gyanvapi Mosque investigation

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Varanasi Court has ordered an investigation or study into the articles at the Gyanvapi Mosque and shifted to hearing on August 2nd.

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