Havana Syndrome: the diplomats’ syndrome on rising; delays Kamala Harris’s Vietnam flight


Doctors are baffled by over 200 people who have reported the symptoms of a syndrome that is likely caused by ‘directed, radiofrequency pulse energies.’

US Vice-Prez Kamala Harris’ trip from Singapore to Vietnam got delayed by about three hours than scheduled after the State Department reported her office about an “anomalous health incident” or the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’ in Hanoi.

The flight got delayed after suspected cases of the health incident popped out of nowhere in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital spooking the US government.

The Havana Syndrome is back in the news, with the US expressing deep concerns over the illness caused by sonic weapons or even microwaves resulting in concussion-like symptoms in Canadian and American diplomats and embassy staff spreading worldwide.

Why is it called Havana Syndrome? How is it afflicting US diplomats?

In a first recorded incident, some CIA officers reported ear pain, tinnitus, vertigo and a troubling sensation of pressure in their heads while posted in late 2016 in Havana, the capital of Cuba.

The syndrome got its name from ‘Havana’ as these symptoms’ clusters got first reported here.

Later, families of officials and diplomats working in the American embassy in Cuba also started reporting nausea, fatigue, and trouble remembering things.

They would often experience sounds like a swarm of cicadas in their head.

These were worsening with aching ears and loss of hearing sensitivity. On further investigation, they found that the brain scans showed tissue damages like those caused by car accidents or bomb blasts.

This series of incidents led to the US withdrawing most of its embassy staff from Havana and pointing fingers at Cubans’ sonic weapons.

National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) reported microwave beams as the possible reason altering brain functions without causing any “gross structural damage” in a paper published last year while ruling out the possibility of sonic weapons as frequencies beyond the range of human hearing cannot possibly cause concussion-like symptoms.

The Mysterious Illness attacking diplomats and spies

Last week, two American officials positioned in Germany were also diagnosed with “Havana Syndrome”, as the Wall Street Journal reported.

The problem has no definitive cause but is referred often to as ‘attacks’ using some rare technology or weapon. It was the first time the illness was recorded in a NATO country.

The anomalous debilitating set of symptoms has already prompted a series of government investigations.

Within this year, more than 20 officials have reported similar symptoms of the syndrome stationed in Vienna in January.

In the Trump administration, more than a dozen personnel reports of the condition. Since then, numerous complaints have been recorded from US officials in China, London, Moscow, Cuba, and even within the US, most recently from Vienna and Germany.

Who could be addling with diplomatic abilities of the US

Is it a “mass paranoia” projected by spies of rival nations fixated on impairing the abilities of US agents still needs ascertaining via investigations?

Many officials who have worked under both the Trump and Biden administration are privately blaming the military intelligence units of Russia, i.e. the GRU.

The latter are more accused than suspected of sending pulsed energy attacks to extract smartphones or computers data.

It sounds like some stuff straight out of a Cold War playbook, but a close look into Russian having a history of using microwaves from nearby transmitters in the 70s’ and 80s’ on American diplomats in the US embassy in Moscow.

The Biden administration has investigated these bizarre health accidents involving intelligence agencies like the Pentagon and US State Department.

As far as Kamala Harris’s trip to Vietnam is concerned, the embassy did land her in Hanoi “after careful assessment”.

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
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