Hindi being a key role player in spreading the knowledge and culture amongst people of all age groups in India: PM Modi

Hindi being a key role player in spreading the knowledge and culture amongst people of all age groups in India: PM Modi
Image Source – PM Modi Official Website
  • In one of his speeches, Prime Minister mentioned that Hindi is one of the critical languages of all the people residing in India, is one of the key role-players in spreading knowledge and culture in society.  
  • The programme was organized on the occasion of World Hindi Day and witnessed the presence of all the high profile dignitaries. 

On the occasion of World Hindi Day, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi declared in one of his best speeches that Hindi is considered to be the critical language of all the people residing in India.

It is considered to be the key contributor in spreading knowledge about the past and enhancing a nations cultural diversity. 

The programme marked the presence of the Minister of State for External Affairs, Meenakshi Lekhi.

PM encouraged all the youth never to forget their mother tongue and always respect it no matter whichever field you belong too.  

Hindi being associated with us from the past holds great relevance and respect in today’s era.

The usage of this language in different fields would only enhance one’s overall knowledge, be it about the history of a specific area or the long-lasting background of the field.

Modi, in his speech, also mentioned that the usage of Hindi in the field of information and technology has led to its popularity to a great extent, thereby adding the content of popularity in this field.  

Not to forget that our External affairs minister also mentioned at the event that we are on the verge of taking Hindi as a language to a global stage, making it all the more popular and fruitful for future generations to step in.

From External Affairs Minister 

External affairs minister also added that many steps and programmes had been initiated at an educational platform to promote the usage of Hindi language in college.

High profile universities not to let the kids forget about the culture of speaking and learning their mother tongue, Hindi language.   

Lekhi, our External affairs minister, also gave us a rough idea about the total count on the number of institutions where Hindi is considered to be essential and helpful in the learning process.

In the end, she also hopes that under the leadership of our well-deserving Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, Hindi will surely grow at a global level and will make a place for itself on the national and international front. 

To make the event even more memorable and exciting, specific awards were distributed to the best people who have contributed their bit in making this language popular amongst people through their publishing in Hindi newspapers or magazines in print media. 

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