Mulethi beauty benefits on skin and hair care


Mulethi beauty benefits on skin and hair care

Mulethi or licorice is the ultimate grandmother’s remedy that is till date continues to be used for centuries-long. It is scientifically known as Glycyrrhiza glabra and is from the Fabaceae family. The word ‘Glycyrrhiza’ is derived from the Greek term ‘glykos’ which means ‘sweet’ and the term ‘rhiza’ means ‘sweet root’. The licorice is a perennial that grows up to 1 metre and is found in dry, hot and sunny climates of Southern Europe, Asia and most Indian regions.

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  • Healing effect- Reduces inflammation in the skin

When the skin’s protective shield is damaged due to exposure to smoke, air pollutants, and harsh soaps causing eczema, allergy dermatitis and psoriasis. The glycyyrrhetinic acid in mulethi helps treat skin issues by producing the effect of hydrocortisone. It results in calming soothing easily irritated skin. 

It also helps to reduce swelling, redness and itching and in healing wounds.

  • Melanin treatment- Brightens the skin

Tyrosinase enzyme synthesis is the enzyme responsible for the darkening of the skin, after sun exposure but it contains a powerful ingredient found in mulethi- glabrene and glabridin, the licorice extract fights against the discolouration of the skin.

This natural herb contains an active compound known as liquirtin, which assists in fading out dark spots. 

Resulting in improving skin tone and smothering texture and lightening hyperpigmentation.

  • Hydration- Keeps skin hydrated

Glycyrrhizin moisturizes the skin and helps it retain moisture for a long time. Additionally, it reduces acne. The antioxidants and natural antibacterial effects block free radicals from harming the skin and protect it from premature ageing. These enzymes block off the UV rays and avoid any damage.

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  • Healthier hair- treats hair problems

Mulethi is the right choice for hair treatment. It keeps the scalp healthy and clean and prevents hair fall, treats dandruff, encourages hair growth and fights premature greying of hair.

Licorice oil stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp which aids in hair growth. Licorice hydrates the hair, prevents it from looking dull and dry, and brings a natural shine to hair.



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