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I’m not a robot is a wonderful K-drama, an alternate plot with an excellent cast. Even though the show is fiction, it has such practical sentiments.

I am Not a Robot (Korean: Robosi Aniya) is a South Korean TV series starring Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin, and Um Ki-Joon.

The lead entertainers are ideal for their jobs, and they cause you to feel as though they are those characters. Their science is remarkable, and it felt genuine.

It is composed by Kim Sun-mi and coordinated by Jung Dae-Yoon. Delivering the series for MBC is May Queen Pictures. 

All the entertainers performed well; however, the presentation conveyed by the lead entertainer merits exceptional notice.

Yoo Seung-ho is, without a doubt, an incredible entertainer. His acting is faultless; how he sanctioned passionate scenes catches hearts. 

I am Not a Robot is about a wealthy man (Yoo Seung Ho) who is unfavourably susceptible to other individuals and invests most of his time alone that winds up falling in love with a girl (Chae Soo Bin) who professes to be a robot. 

Yoo Seung Ho is our antisocial lead, Kim Min Kyu, who experiences an extreme hypersensitivity to other people.

Any touch with different people causes a severe response that could be deadly if not treated.

It has made him live alone, and on a couple of events, he branches out, covers his skin, wears gloves, and conveys a cudgel to contact things effectively.

Chae Soo Bin assumes the double parts of the human Jo Ji Ah and the robot Aji-3. This young girl is excellent-willed and loaded with disposition.

At the point when she needs cash, the chance to profess to be a robot introduces itself. It turns out she is genuinely not that incredible at behaving like a robot; however, Haha.

In any case, that has a significant influence on our story. What is more, Chae Soo Bin was entirely agreeable for this job.

I genuinely like it when k-dramas investigate novel subjects and this one spotlight psychosomatic disease.

There are two or three different shows that hit on this theme, yet it is not normal. The realistic depiction of the ailment had a great deal of truth to it, and it showed exactly how solid the brain is.

I'm Not a robot
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I was happy it likewise showed that despite being a disease that starts in the psyche, it causes significant actual impacts that can even be lethal. Furthermore, the condition is something the mind does all alone.

It isn’t easy to recuperate. Again, even when Min-Kyu does begin to discover some help, it has a few complexities.

Yoo Seung Ho does what he specializes in and tears my heart out. I found Min Kyu’s situation so unquestionably miserable and had such a lot of compassion toward him.

My heart broke as I perceived how lonely he was. Then, at that point, it earned back the original investment more as he experienced passionate feelings for, he thought was a robot and went through anguish over how he could do something like this.

After being kept in jail of detachment for a long time, he tastes opportunity, satisfaction, and love just to be pushed once again into imprisonment. 

What is more, Yoo Seung Ho delivered each feeling with such force and care.

He has a lot of freedom to exhibit his lighter and more comedic side in this dramatization; however, it is his torment that truly catches my eye. I am one who indeed prefers an angsty he since he is so amazingly great at it. 

The feelings spill out of his tear-filled eyes in a manner that consistently pounds my heart. Furthermore, that is the thing that he did here. I wanted Min-Kyu to be.

I needed his psyche; that idea was shielding him from finding out that there was another way.

SPOILERS OF I am Not a Robot Korean Drama 

I'm Not a Robot
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Despite everybody having the best aims and continuous trickeries towards him, Min Kyu’s responses and sentiments are reasonable. When he by their untruths and had an awful backslide constraining him back into confinement. Everybody he focused on deceiving him. He felt sold out and alone. 

Also, I liked how well the dramatization portrayed how he felt about the circumstance, just as how tangled he was. Likewise, well, and I felt like we genuinely saw all sides of the possibility.

The scenes managing Min-Kyu resetting Aji-3 and afterwards the consequence of him finding the fact of the matter were my top picks.

I am Not a robot truly has a fantastic romantic tale, including a couple with amazing science. It investigates some fascinating issues encompassing Min Kyu’s ailment, just as when is it OK to mislead somebody to their benefit. 

Well, between lighter minutes and the more genuine and awful ones. There is a lot to appreciate in this sensational story of a shut-off man from the world who starts to break free because of one lady claiming to be a robot.

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