“I hope the fans will sob”: Lucifer’s Tom Ellis and Lauren German tease change for Final Season 6 Episodes.


Lucifer’s final season, the sixth season, is just a few days away from premiering, following on from the colossal cliffhanger as we are left off on the last goodbye say for our beloved main characters of Lucifer.

Season 6 has seen our anti-hero holding this position from the character’s appearance becoming God, while Chloe resigns from the LAPD and becomes Lucifer’s consultant.

But not just their professional relationship but also the show wraps up differently.

While speaking to TVLine, Chloe actress Lauren German said that the final season is focused on Chloe and Lucifer mainly as they will be a team, and therefore each other as a couple.

Usually, we have seen them in the push and pull between both the main characters, Chloe and Lucifer, but they are in the same team this last season.

In an interview, Tom Ellis, Lucifer himself said that season 6 is a fitting goodbye to their main characters and leans into everything they’ve earned up to this moment.

He added that he hopes that the fans will be sobbing! And he hopes that fans hearts fill with joy at the very same time.

German, while the interview with TVLine he added, “‘Bittersweet’ is a great term for the ending,” 

"I hope the fans will sob": Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German tease change for Final Season 6 Episodes.
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After the release of the trailer, the writers spoke about his decision to change up the Lucifer and Chloe dynamic.

With Chris Rafferty telling Neural Cluster that they liked the idea of making Lucifer and Chloe partnership even more cooperative, taking turns being the lead.

He added that he “felt like nice symmetry as we approached the end”.

Lucifer stars tease “bittersweet” ending for season 6

“I hope that they’ll be crying.”

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis, and Lauren German say they expect fans to be “sobbing” by the end of the fantasy drama’s eagerly anticipated final season.

Ahead of the show’s return on September 10, the actors, who play the titular devil and detective Chloe Decker respectively, described the bold new chapter as “bittersweet,” reassuring viewers that there’ll be as many joyous moments as there will be tearjerkers.

“I hope that they’ll be crying; I hope they’ll be sobbing,” Ellis joked to TV Line. “And then I hope that their hearts fill with joy at the same time.”

“It doesn’t gloss anything over or make anything too easy, but I think they’ll get what they want to see.”

"I hope the fans will sob": Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German tease change for Final Season 6 Episodes.
Image Source- hips.hearstapps

Season five’s last episode saw Lucifer travelling to Heaven and essentially sacrificing himself to save Chloe, and in doing so, he unknowingly proved himself worthy of becoming the new God.

The upcoming outing picks up a little while later and reunites us with the former Lord of Hell as he struggles to embrace his current duties.

“The journey that Chloe and Lucifer have been on up to this point has been great, but this season is kind of new territory for them, where they’re working together as a partnership,” Ellis explained.

“That’s something that they’ve never experienced before together, you know. It leans into everything that we’ve earned up to this moment.”

“We’re fighting the same battle, and we’re there for each other,” German continued.

“There are good times and bad times like any other couple, but we’re finally together, and without spoiling anything, there’s a lot for us to work on together as a team and to strive for.”

Fans are eager to see where Season 6 of Lucifer will take them. The Netflix series announced its final season and dropped a thrilling trailer.

The new season takes place shortly after Lucifer (Tom Ellis) wins the battle to become God. There is a new character at play in the trailer that will be the season’s main antagonist.

"I hope the fans will sob": Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Lauren German tease change for Final Season 6 Episodes.
IMAGE SOURCE: Slaven Vlasic via Getty

The new villain is Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), introduced as Lucifer’s rebellious younger sister. The trailer gives little details about the character, but fans theorize what her special powers could be.

Rory wants to destroy her older brother in Season 6

The series’ Season 6 trailer shows Lucifer is not ready to accept his new position in Heaven. While Chloe and Lucifer take a trip to Hell, fans see someone clad in vinyl platform boots sitting on his throne.

Who could it possibly be? The trailer reveals a punk teenager with blood-red wings who says the line “Want to help me destroy Lucifer Morningstar?”

Fans are interested in Brianna Hildebrand’s character and don’t seem aware that Lucifer was turning over a new leaf at all.

And meant to have further questions like have they never met? Rebellious and angsty is Brianna may be celestial?

Or earlier did they have some big-brother, little-sister relationship that has soured up, and she just ignored Lucifer until she decided to rebel against them?

Lucifer previous seasons 4 and 5 are available to watch now on Netflix Platform, and season 6 will premiere on September 10 on Netflix.

Catch up on seasons 01 to 03 via Amazon Prime Video Platform.

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