ICS 2021: Empowering India’s Budding Hydrogen Ecosystem


ICS 2021, focused on ‘Powering India’s Hydrogen Ecosystem’, was a partnered initiative by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Environment Committee with Invest India.

PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-government industrial developmental organization.

Among other agendas, the conference intended at empowering India’s budding hydrogen ecosystem. Hydrogen power, the alternative strategy to India’s energy signature, has been in the headlines since PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech in 2021.

While announcing the hydrogen policy, PM Narendra Modi said that India aims at becoming a global model for hydrogen production and exports.

ICS 2021

The ICS 2021 aimed at bringing together Nobel Laureates, Policy Makers, Regulators, Experts and Scientists from across the global clean energy industry.

Intending to move towards a cleaner, greener, and sustainable future-the event facilitated international alliance in establishing sustainable routes for production, depository, transportation, distribution and ambitious deployment of hydrogen technologies by 2040.

The summit primarily focused on building an India-centric and action-oriented approach to self-reliance in the hydrogen ecosystem and solutions.

The conference had 10,000 registrations from 50+ countries and reportedly welcomed 15000 attendees and 35+ sponsors.

Attendees of ICS 2021

Union Ministers Bhupendra Yadav and Jitendra Singh, NITI Aayog member Dr VK Saraswat and Sturle Harald Pedersen, chairperson of Greenstar Hydrogen India, made their prominent presence in the ICSA 2021.

Dr Ashish Kishore Lele, the director of National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), said that “The conference has eminent significance for India and by extension for the rest of the world. It will mark the future mitigation strategies of climate change”.

Ashish stressed the need to adopt alternative strategies, highlighting the problems arising from dependence on conventional fuels.

At the summit, a keynote speaker was Mukesh D Ambani, chairman and MD of Reliance Industries Limited.

He stated that “By actively patronizing the event, the government of India had demonstrated its deep commitment to hydrogen ecosystem in India”.

Dr JP Gupta, the Chairman of Environment Committee, added, ‘It is pleasing to have India as the key organizer for the International Climate Summit 2021 with support from Invest India’.

Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO, Invest India, stated, “Our PM has set the objective to increase the share of non-fossil fuels by 40% and reduce the emission intensity of GDP by 33-35% by 2030”.

He further added that India is on its way to achieving the set target. Furthermore, India-the only country among the G-20 nations, is on track to meet its climate change mitigation allegiances made in 2015 under the Paris Climate Agreement.

The summit propelled India as a critical player in the global hydrogen economy whilst facilitating joint ventures, technology transfer, international funding etc.

Hydrogen power is going to be a game-changer for India in meeting its annual energy needs. Another major conference on climate change-COP26-will takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31 to November 12, 2021.

These global conferences are to ensure global temperature increases do not exceed 1.5
degrees Celsius.

Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam
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