In Lucknow Fake IPS Officer Held



Fake IPS Officer. From Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday, Prateek Kumar Mishra was arrested in the evening that it emerged that he had been running a job racket for long, promising jobs in the municipal corporations, and police department among others.

It was an employment scam offering long-term, lucrative positions in the police and municipal departments, among other places.

Two mobile phones, a fake IPS ID card, appointment letters for constable post and documents related to Uttar Pradesh Recruitment and Promotion Board from him have been recovered by the Special Task Force (STF) and the Additional Superintendent of Police, STF, Vishal Vikram Singh, said Mishra used voice changing software or voice-over-internet protocol to trap job seekers.

Singh added that “Prateek had earlier duped several persons of Rs 1 crore during COVID.” To find out the extent of his misdeeds the police officer said the matter was being further investigated and the accused Prateek Kumar Mishra was arrested near PICUP Bhawan. Making promises for jobs in the municipal corporation police department among others, the accused Prateek Kumar Mishra had been running the job racket for a long. The police stated that the case was still being examined.

It was a job racket for long, promising jobs in the municipal corporations, and police departments, among others.

Fake IPS Officer

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