Bihar Police Constable Abducted by 4 Others


Bihar Police constable Shashi Bhushan was abducted on 24 September, Saturday around 7 and 9 am in the capital city of Bihar Patna.


Bihar: In Patna, Bihar on 24th September Police Constable Sashi Bhushan was abducted by 4 people in a car with no number plate according to witnesses two of them after forcibly putting him in the car also took his bike with them.  


Bihar Public, Police: Safe or Not?

Sashi Bhushan

After the incident of a Bihar Police constable getting abducted got viral disquieting uncertainty among the Bihar public started. In this situation, any questions have taken a stand in front of Bihar Police, “If they can’t protect themselves how can we expect them or believe them to protect us or provide any kind of service for General Public?”   

In Patna, the power of crime has reached a limit that where the ones suppose to be protecting us are getting abducted.


Bihar Police Constable abducted?

Sashi Bhushan
Hindustan times

According to the information from sources, Shashi Bhushan, Bihar Police constable was abducted on 24th September, Saturday from somewhere around 7 am to 9 am from Mahua Bagh.

Sashi Bhushan was posted in STF for 8 years and is currently a constable at BMP-5 was alleged, after which his family reported a missing complaint to Rupaspur Police Station. And his family members also told News18 that constable Sashi Bhushan constable was constructing his house in the Mahua area and went there with his friend to show land in Mahua Bagh.

Meanwhile, some people riding in Bolero’s car without a number plate came and forcibly took him in the car and two of the kidnappers came out of the car and took his bike.

After receiving the complain the police of Rupaspur started to search for him and during the investigation spotted CCTV footage. Later, some people on the bike were again spotted riding Bihar Police constable, Shashi Bhushan’s bike.

Patna SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon said, “The Fir has been reported in Rupaspur Police station and that they are currently in search of Sashi Bhushan.”  


Twist During the Investigation


A new twist emerged this morning regarding the case of Bihar Police constable Shashi Bhushan, in Patna the capital of Bihar. Patna SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon denied the incident of kidnapping and later, added, “That constable Shashi engaged in Connection of the gold robbery case and that Chhapra Police arrested him based on suspicion and that they are currently investigating him.

Sources associated with Police Department said that a major incident of gold robbery took place in Chhapra about 15 days ago and that the Police suspected that Constable Shashi Bhushan was engaged in the case.

And according to the department, the Task Force Team of Chhapra Police arrested him on Saturday Morning and is currently investigating him. According to the sources, it is also revealed that many Bihar Police constables engaged in the robbery case. But it is also revealed that this information was given was not given to Patna Police.

According to Sources, it is also revealed that the gold was raided in Arrah at the behest of Bihar Police Constable Shashi Bhushan However the abduction matter turned out to be the same.




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