India forged connections with Russia as a result of the United States’ inability to do so previously: Blinken


Secretary of United States Antony Blinken claimed that there is now a growing strategic convergence between the US and India, adding that New Delhi built its partnership with Moscow out of necessity since the US was not in a position to do so before.

Blinken said the India-US collaboration has the potential to be one of the most essential and fundamental alliances going forward over the coming decades during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations hearing on Wednesday.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States has urged India and other countries to impose sanctions on Moscow and limit their reliance on Russian armaments, oil, and other commodities.

“There is a long-standing relationship between India and the United States. And when we weren’t in a position to be partners, Russia became a partner of choice for India,” he added in answer to Senator William Hagerty’s inquiry.

“Right now, we’re investing resources in that operation.” The United States and India, in my opinion, are becoming more strategically linked.

“Of course, China is a major player,” Blinken continued.

Senator John Hagerty, a Republican, had asked Blinken for his thoughts on the US-India relationship.

“What I see in front of us is something that, in the short term, I’m sure will be quite frustrating when we have our differences, which we deal with on a daily basis.”

“But, in the long run, I believe our strategic alliance with India gives us the potential to do greater good in the twenty-first century,” Hagerty added.

Blinken responded by saying that he entirely agrees with the Senator’s point of view.

He went on to say, “I anticipate this alliance has the potential to become one of the most vital and important alliances we will have in the next decades.”

President Joe Biden has spent “a lot of time personally talking with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and India’s leadership,” according to Blinken.

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“The Quad, which holds India, Australia, Japan, and the United States together, has been re-energized.” On many levels, this has been a key mechanism for expanding our relationship with India.

“What’s fascinating is that this is a strategic turning point,” he says. “Many nations are now reexamining some of their ties and interests, notably with Russia,” the senior American ambassador noted.

India on Russian Invasion

India has yet to publicly criticize Russia’s aggression on Ukraine instead of asking for a peaceful conclusion via conversation and diplomacy.

India, a two-year non-permanent member of the powerful UN Security Council, has frequently abstained on resolutions condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since January this year, India has abstained on at least eight occasions in the UN Security Council, the General Assembly, and the Human Rights Council on procedural votes and draught resolutions condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine.

New Delhi had already decried the “deeply troubling” claims of civilian fatalities in the Ukrainian city of Bucha and backed the request for an impartial probe, stating that when innocent human lives are at risk, diplomacy is the only feasible choice.

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