India Would Be the Artificial Intelligence And Data Capital for The Planet in the Future World


India is determined to take a dominant position in 2022 to shape the new digital world. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) are the latest technologies that have seen a remarkable uplift both in terms of investment and innovation in the past few years.

They are now being spread and implemented across various sectors, including

  • space-tech,
  • edtech,
  • biotech,
  • agri-tech,
  • fin-tech,
  • manufacturing,
  • healthcare,
  • fashion,
  • real estate,
  • voice-based solutions, etc.     

Because in India, AI projects started emerging in the year 2016. And within a few years, the development in the AI projects space has been overwhelming.

According to the prediction of Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India chief that

“India would be the data and AI capital for the planet will create innovations for the rest of the world.  

When we talk about digital skills, nowadays, the tech generation thinks about coding. These skills use to create AI or ML.

Today, coding is considered the most desired skill of the twenty-first century, with the highest paying and stable career. But it has to be a lot more inclusive,”

said Maheshwari.     

The unstoppable digital transformation replaces most jobs like security guards, farmers, bank tellers, travel agents, telemarketers, publishers, cashiers, manufacturing workers, fast food workers, etc.

So it is essential to ensure that they have the digital skills needed to do their job. Skilling, access, and inclusion go hand in hand in bridging the digital divide.  

Overview of the Artificial Intelligence in India

 In recent years, Bengaluru has emerged as India’s startup capital.

“Over 5,000 recognized startups were added in Delhi while 4,514 startups were added in Bangalore between April 2019 to December 2021”.

A recent report estimated that around $87.85 Million was raised in the AI space in India’s startup capital, Bengaluru. India aspires to take the lead in digital skilling.

Owing to the remarkable growth in the AI sector, India has emerged as a nation with a vibrant ecosystem that enables AI startup professionals and founders to kick-start their ventures.

The market of artificial intelligence is valued at around $7.8 Billion. Metro cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Coimbatore are working progressively.

And companies such as Manthan, SigTuple, Mad Street Den, Haptik, Flutura, Uncanny Vision,,, are working with the aims to bring AI into the daily lives of customers in verticals such as      

  • Medical diagnostic solutions  
  • Ai-based chatbots for enterprises, service companies, and consumers to develop surveillance solutions,   
  • Ai-based shopping assistant and Chabot  
  • Connected cars, user engagement & analytics, online fashion, mobile gaming, social media,   
  • Automate HR systems and procedures complete with virtual assistants and replicating cognitive HR functions.  
  • To solve complex problems at a faster pace.  
  • To transform operational outcomes by monetizing machine data. 

To become the data and AI capital of the planet, India requires a collaborative effort from the government, telecom service providers, research institutions, and academia.  

Edited By- Subbuthai Padma

Published By- Satheesh Kumar


Ahmed A Khan
Ahmed A Khan
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