Infosys says HR to avoid employees of Indian origin


Infosys is a business giant known to every household. Infosys is an Indian-based company. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Infosys is the US leg of Indian origin company. It seems that the company has refused to hire Indian-origin candidates.

Image Source: The Economic Times

The former Vice president (VP) of the talent acquisition company Infosys, Jill Prejean, has claimed that she should not be hiring candidates of Indian origin who are 50 or above 50 and of Indian origin. Also, Indians who already have children at home should not be hired by the company.

According to sources, in the year 2021, Jill Prejean, the former VP had filed a lawsuit against the business giant Infosys in the US district court to dismiss the former executive’s complaint of discriminatory recruitment previously.

Prejean had also filed a lawsuit against the consulting Marl Livingston and former partners. In fact, Prejean stepped down as the Vice president due to the hostile work environment. Prejean was shocked after the statement made by the partners regarding the illegal discriminatory animus at the partnership level.

Infosys has been facing a discriminatory level since early 2021. According to sources, Indian female workers of the company had filed a discriminatory case against the company’s employment opportunity commission. They accused the company of favoring Indian and especially male workers more.

The former Vice President Prejean was fired by the company at 59. She was accused of changing the occulture within a few months of being employed by the company.

She had faced face-to-face allegations against her. This was to evade the compliance made by the company. The company has massive dividends in the investors in the fiscal year till September 2022.

In the Financial year, 2022 alone Infosys had a dividend percentage of 620% to its shareholders. This is huge for any company. The company has also announced that the financial results of the interim dividend will be proposed for the approval in near future.

This work culture was unexpected yet expected in a corporate firm. The non-hiring of Indian-origin candidates will be started soon.

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