Instagram goes down: here is what users have to say about it.


Instagram users globally faced some issues with the App as Instagram goes down for some users.

People worldwide faced issues with their Instagram app, some were facing the case last night itself, and many were unaware of this as they could use the App without facing any problem.
Instagram users were unable to refresh their feed; some were unable to load another page; as the problem continued after some time, it got resolved but not for everyone.

There might be some users that still are not able to use the App without any disruptions. Instagram didn’t have anything to say about it as they haven’t issued any statement on this outage.
As per reports on outage tracker Downdetecter, Instagram services has been facing outages on and off since around 10:30 am yesterday till today.

What kind of issues Instagram users faced?

The App still is not working well for some users, according to the recent report. People face these types of issues more often with the App.; according to Instagram users, they face problems with the App now and then.

Several other users met issues with reporting some posts, they were unable to upload stories, weren’t able to see their friend’s stories, weren’t able to search as the App showed the internet was slow, but that was not the case.

The network was complete, said a user. The issue stays with their App for a long time; some said they couldn’t upload stories for weeks; they even reported the matter to Instagram but didn’t reply.

Instagram’s most famous feature reels were also not working and giving an error. Yesterday at around 2.10 pm, Instagram resumed services on both Android and ios platforms, allowing users to access the feed and send DMs.

Issues with Instagram reels and Instagram live got solved. As the App got down, some people on Twitter wrote that the App crashed or was not loading any post.

Some users faced issues sending DM’s (Direct Messages). Some were also unable to close the application. After this outage, Twitter started flooding up with memes with #instagramdown.

It is common for apps to face these issues, but it happens more often to Instagram users. Some popular social media apps, including Facebook and Twitter, also face these problems, but Instagram goes down more often than these two apps.

Why is Instagram constantly down? And what can we do to resolve this problem?

If we don’t install the latest version of Instagram, your App is more likely to crash. It is one of the reasons, but mostly the reason behind the outage remains unclear.
The users can do the following things to solve the issue:
1)Try to restart the phone
2)Try deleting the App and Install again
3)Logout and login again
As these are some methods to get your App back on track, we can’t say these methods will work all the time because the reports say that this outage happens mostly cause the server gets down.

We talked to some of the Instagram users they said they tried everything we mentioned above, but the issue remained unsolved.

Early this morning, we got a report of people facing the same issue that some people faced yesterday; the problem with the outage is not solved yet for some users, according to our early morning reports.

It is said that this outage will get all clear in some time. Facebook, the company which now owns Instagram, has not acknowledged the outage yet.

It did not address the issue publicly as well. But the company seems to resolve this issue because Downdetecter showed a steep fall in the number of outage reports since today morning.
Was your Instagram down, or is it still down? Let us know in the comment section.

Tanvi Sawant
Tanvi Sawant
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