Is Cruella worth watching?


The movie Cruella is a prequel to the 1990s highly loved movie 101 Dalmatians, and the mid-credit scene manages to layer the plot of the two movies effortlessly.

Set in the 1960/’70s, Cruella gives us a glimpse of how Cruella Devil became probably the most well-known Disney villain of all time and how she embraces her evil side to her with poise.

The story begins with sweet Estella, a young girl dreaming of being a well-known fashion designer.

She is talented, driven and passionate; however, she is hesitant because she wonders if she would even achieve that dream that she has had for the longest time.

The world, however, is a runaway for the Baroness. She owns the fashion industry and has been the reigning queen for generations.

The story unfolds as Estella crosses paths with the Baroness, her inspiration, who later turns out to be her cutthroat boss, then her arch-nemesis and many more.

Both Estella and the Baroness are women with influential and eccentric personalities. While Estella wants to leave behind her legacy in the fashion industry, the Baroness, on the other hand, defends her throne, making sure that no living soul comes in the way.

The two main characters are hardworking and talented, both being highly driven towards their goal.

What needs to be appreciated besides the splendid acting of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson as Cruella/ Estella and the Baroness respectively, is the costumes in the movie.

Every costume in the movie has a life of its own. The quirky statement pieces in the film add a whole different dark aesthetic concept making the movie even more enjoyable.

It is safe to say that the visuals presented in the film are worth the applaud and appreciation.

Besides the costumes, the story plot is enjoyable. However, there are certain loopholes here and there.

Like during the whole time, I wondered how she could sew the larvae to make an outfit?! Apologies for throwing off a tiny spoiler!

“To see her is to take a sudden chill” is perfectly channelled by Emma Stone in the movie.

The soundtrack in the movie also adds to the dark cinematography concept of the movie. The music in the movie manages to convey various emotions, from rage to hunger for fame and narcissism, making the movie even more enjoyable.

Cruella has many messages and life lessons layered in the intense plot making this movie fun to watch.

This movie is excellent because Cruella isn’t trying to make the audience feel sorry and sympathetic for the villain’ storyline. Instead, the film shows how the main protagonist embraces her flaws and shortcomings.

This movie also shows the deeply rooted friendship among friends like Horace, Jasper and Estella, where the boys are willing to support Estella simply because she is family.

In my opinion, Cruella is an interesting Disney live-action remake, and I like how it represents a dark aesthetic compared to the usual Disney movies.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are outstanding in their respective roles and are worth receiving the praises for the professionalism that they have delivered in the movie. Besides the main protagonists of the film, the supporting cast is also commendable!

The tiny details from the Glenn Close version and the animated 101 Dalmatians make this movie worth watching.

I would recommend watching Cruella because this movie gives everyone, irrespective of age, something to take from this film.


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