The pious city of Varanasi is known for its rich culture and heritage. It is an abode for traditional temples and our pride, “Ganga.” Varanasi, also known as “Kashi,” became host to Japanese ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki, who shared a picture of himself enjoying golgappe and thali in a restaurant in Varanasi. He shared his picture on Twitter, which immediately became a hit with more than 700,000 likes.

Golgappa, also known as pani puri and batasha in different parts of the country, has a ravishing and mouth-watering taste that can devour anyone for one more and make anyone addicted. Indian food is very popular and has risen to international fame and recognition. Tourists from various countries, especially from India, flock to golgappa shops to have it. 

“Golgappa” as a snack was highly popular in India, but it captured more international eyes after our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen relishing it with Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister. 

This inspired Hiroshi Suzuki (the Japanese Ambassador) to taste golgappa, and he said, “I wanted to eat golgappa since I saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Fumio Kishida having it.” The “picture perfect” was perfect enough to tempt him to eat and relish it.

Golgappa, panipuri, phuchka, or batasha—whatever you wish to call it—the taste is simply divine, and you just can’t have one. The popular Indian snack has a huge fan base and has been elevated to the international stage after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida were seen enjoying it. By the end of the video, the ambassador is caught saying, “Too good.”

The Japanese Ambassador, after having golgappe, directly went for Indian thali. We all know that our Indian “Banarasi” thali is full of exquisite food and decoration. It is filled with different vegetables and sweets. 

One Indian thali is a full-course meal. It portrays traditional food and food grown in India. The thali consisted of puri, chana, various dals, rice, and curd. The nutritious and protein-filled plate made the Japanese ambassador go “gaga,” and he wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for the hospitality.”

The social media turned into a frenzy, and desi people commented: “Golgappa supremacy,” “Thank you for enjoying our culture,” “tasty,” and so on.

Col. Rohit Dev tweeted on Twitter and inquired about the health and prosperity of Suzuki san and his family and friends. He also thanked him for relishing the taste and culture of India and further requested that he explore many other places in our country. The tweet was meant to get a positive response from everyone.

Now, it’s clear that India as a country and its citizens are gaining popularity for their intellect, inquisitive minds, beauty, work, and so on. The rising influence of India can be seen not only on the Asian continent but also on the Western continents, specifically America. Youtubers from all around the world conduct “golgappa” eating challenges with their friends and family. 

The mouth-savouring taste of the snack makes it impossible for the competitors to stop. Gollgape is savoured in two popular flavours: “sweet-sour” and “chilli.” Many international social media influencers promote our culture and eateries by reviewing them at different places. 

Indian pani puri is a favourite dish of many foreigners; their trip is incomplete until they have a taste of pani puri. Now is the time for our culture to grow and expand by leaps and bounds.

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