K-pop star reignites affinities talks after this ‘spread’ viral pic arose


Is BTS V dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie? After a photo of the two was allegedly ‘leaked’ on social media, ARMY and BLINKs are certain the two K-pop stars are dating. Have you seen the trending image?

Suckers consider BTS V’s gal and BLACKPINK’s Jennie to be K-hero pop’s pair. The two Korean celebrities are regularly connected, but a viral photograph of them has convinced ARMY and BLINKs that they are in fact dating.  

Jennie was with V aka Kim Taehyung on his recent visit to Los Angeles, and the two had spent some time together. The validity of the viral print is still being debated. 

In the poster, the K-pop BTS star is shown getting ready for the shot while wearing a beast print shirt, while Jennie is seen standing in the other direction wearing a lavender shirt and taking a glass selfie.  

The print has gone viral on the Internet, garnering a lot of attention from fans of Korean celebrities. Some of  suspect it’s a forgery, photoshopped by amateurs. 

V and Jennie’s rash selfie goes viral 

“I’m not a Blackpink or BTS fan, but this is a terrible Photoshop job. Examine her hair as well as the hair shadow on the wall. Jennie and V may be dating people that are nothing alike, but this is simply an edit “a stoner observed. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennie and V are dating. I mean, v “accidentally” followed j on Instagram for 5 seconds before the army went crazy as if it was j’s fault hahaha. and, to be honest, we shouldn’t bother watching.  

They are, after all, people. Nuns and preachers are not K-pop icons.  

A third attempted to explain why the K-pop star photo is a forgery. 1. Examine Jennie’s hair in the rear and compare it to her hair… 2 As indicated by the red circle, the mirror image of the hair stylist is wearing a black cap, has blonde hair, and is wearing a white mask, whereas the person in front of V does not.” 

Another stoner said that if V and Jennie are dating, they should recognize their connection in public and homogenize courting. 

V and Jennie are defended by ARMY and BLINKs 

A group of netizens examined the two and questioned the print’s legitimacy. A stoner commented in favor of V and Jennie: “I’m not sure whether Jennie and Taehyung’s poster is genuine. However, if it has been modified, it is insulting.  

However, Army and Blinks should be concerned about the person who has access to this invisible snap, if it’s true.” 

Still, I’ll be there for her “If Jennie is happy with V., I’m always there to support her since I’m an addict.  

That’s what BLINKS should do, not judge either of them for having a life outside of the entertainment industry “another bone stated. 

Who is V? 

V, actual name Kim Taehyung, is a member of BTS, which also includes six other Korean celebrities. They are RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and Suga. K-pop was recently in the headlines when the band announced that they would be taking a break and concentrating on their separate projects. 

Who is Jennie? 

Jennie or Jennie Kim is a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK. Last week, she and her three comrades, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, released the first single from their next album, Pink Venom.  

Aside from this, Blackpink member Jennie will star in the upcoming HBO TV series “The Idol,” which is led by the Weekend and Lily-Rose Depp. 

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